Corona 19 truly When a fashionable managed the next month

Domestic Corona 19 fashion is being converted to a slightly calm phase. In terms of the number of metropolitan areas and non-aqueous capacity, the infected ship production index decreased to less than 1. The diseases of the districts have been expected to be able to convert stage daily recovery from the next month to maintain the prefectural stability.

According to the Central Disaster Safety Measures Headquarters (in the middle), during the period of 3 days and 9 days, the number of domestic occurrences was 1,730. The average day is 1,961.4. This is a decrease in 527.6 (21.2%) than 2,489.0 of the weekly weekly week (21.2%).

The mean of the same period, the average patient was aggregated by 1,479.4. A decrease in 385.3 (20.7%) than the week. The non-aqueous number of days of diaparine was 482.0, with 142.3 (22.8%) compared to 624.3 patients with 624.3.

In the past weekly infection, the production index was confirmed to 0.89. It is a decrease in a decrease in a fifth week and a decrease in the decrease in the decline in increased trend.

Central Accident Review Headquarters (Buddhist) The Definite Breakthrough The Definite Bureau of the Defensive Briefs said, As the population of immunization is increasing, the infection is blocked and the effect of infection is blocked and the effects of fashionable scale are slightly reduced.

She said, The immunization rate rises, and if the trends are stable, such as severe painting rate and critical rate, etc., it will be possible to convert a system for a rear time to recover in November.

Corona 19 Restore Support Committee, chairman of the Prime Minister Kim, Boo and the Prime Minister At the meeting, we will be checked for the preparation for daily recovery through the convergence of the relationship department and the opinions of private committee members by each field.