BBL takes a new measure against the pretension of Fouls

In one testing phase, initially tailored to the end of the first round in January, a body should look at and evaluate a body from previous national players and former referees. By majority, if the body recognizes a pass, the affected player should first receive an indication and set a list for the second time. This list then get the clubs and referees. The list will not be published during the test period and the player should not be punished.

We would like to signal our players unmistakable that the pretension of Fouls is not a sign of special cleverness, but simply unsportsful – both when a physical contact is tempted as supposedly hard or even if an unspecified foul is pretended, is managing director Stefan Wood Quoted in a BBL message on Tuesday.

The evaluation body belong to other Hansi Gnad, captain of the German European Champion team of 1993, as well as Pascal Roller, who took 2002 World Cup bronze.