Pokemon Unite Apde changing the turtle of Kaziri turtles Point you want to remember to win

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A balance adjustment update on October 20, 2021, Pokemon Unite , Adjustment was also performed.

As we defeat the trigger turtle so far, you can get a lot of experience and shield effects, so it was Pokemon who wanted to defeat anything. It was adjusted because the importance is too high, but how did you change?

◆ About experience value

The adjustment of the trash turtle is 2 points, one is acquired experience value down. Another thing is that the amount of shield is reduced .

Level 7 If you defeat a rugged turtle in Nimfia, there was an experience value until just before Apde was almost level 8. In other words, There was an experience value for almost level 1 rise .

If you defeat a trash turtle under the same conditions after Apde, it has been about level 7 and 3/4. The more experience value is reduced by one quarter.

From the point of view of experience value, it is important to think that it is granted to all the teams, though the importance of the trigger turtle is slightly lowered. Takeout itself seems to be that does not change to it.

◆ About shielding effect

The shielding effect is considerably large . If you are scolded by Tabunne after acquisition of shields, you will break the shield after 8 to get 8 (9 damage in the ninete out). Numerically, it seems that it was up to 919 damage.

After Apde, shields are decreasing, and after 3 to withstand Tabunne attacks, the shield will be destroyed (breaking 60 damage in the fourth out). This is only 399 damage.

The shielding effect has been reduced to half or less, and it has become difficult for the battle method that has been seen more than ever seen Castle turtle acquisition + unite technical understanding and attacking the lower goal at a stretch . Even if you were turning up, it is likely to protect if you defend it without giving up .