Pok mon Unite All the details and novelties of his first Special Halloween Event

Pokémon Unite just released a new trailer that shows what we can expect for its thematic content of Halloween . A fairly interesting video that shows the cosmetics available for avatar, as well as customizations for the trainer card of your profile, and skins for the following Pokémon.


We also discovered a novelty for this event that is the possibility of transforming your enemies into pumpkin. Of course, it is a small temporary addition, but it is something that can be great to try. In any case, it will be a pleasure for the players to have a letter with the Halloween image to change a little the basic Skin of the current letter.

There is another great news that has also been announced: it is about the arrival of Greedent as a fighter. For what has been shown, it seems to be familiar with the attacks Guard to Cheek, ErucTation and Bullet Seed.

As for the arrival date of this Halloween festival, we will have to wait until Wednesday, since it takes place from October 20 to November 11. In addition, it is not specified that everything will happen at the same time. Therefore, we will have to wait for more details or discover it little by little.