Pok mon Unite announces Halloween event with new Pok mon

POKEMON UNITE has announced its first event: a Halloween event with new costumes and a new Pokémon. The popular Moba style Pokémon game has announced its first event in the game, a Halloween event with new Pokémon disguised, a new overlapping of maps and the presentation of the Pokémon Greedent playable. The event will be held from October 20 until November 7. Next, you can see an advance showing some of the features, holowear, and a first look at Greedent:

POKEMON UNITE is a toll-free MOBA game with 5V5 equipment battles. Players control a single Pokémon and get on level by defeating wild and opposing Pokémon. Players also collect Aeos Energy from wild Pokémon and try to score goals on the side of their opponent. While the game is missing several characteristics of traditional Pokémon Games (such as type advantages), it is still a fun mix of mope-style tactics and classic Pokémon. While the game is free, players must buy UNITE licenses in the game store to use those Pokémon in the matches. UNITE licenses can be purchased using Aeos Coins, a game coin obtained when playing games, or using a premium currency purchased with real world money.

POKEMON UNITE HALLOWEEN EVENT! Greedent Reveal / Lucario Skin / New Game Mode / And More!
The Halloween event will have tons of new cosmetics, including new Holowear for Lucario, Charizard, Zerara, Eldegos and Wigglytuff. The game will also receive a new map in the Halloween style that seems to involve the players become Pokémon. The majority
In a rimbombant tone , Pokémon UNIR will receive a new Pokémon: Greedent, which seems to be a distance attacker with some kind of ammunition mechanics. New user elements are also included, such as Halloween-style clothing and some new customization options for a player s coach card.

POKEMON UNITE has been maintained occupied from its launch on mobile devices last month. Greedent is the third set of Pokémon that is added to the game from the mobile launch, after the launch of Mamoswine and Sylveon. The game currently has a total of 25 different Pokémon on its list, and Greedent will be Pokémon 26.

POKEMON UNITE is available to download freely in both Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.