FIFA 22 7 players under 20 000 coins that improve your Ultimate team

You want 22 improve your Ultimate Team in FIFA with strong players? Then we have here cost 7 tickets for you at most 20,000 coins.

What is this list? This list shows you players in the price range between 10,000 and 20,000 coins. Which are a little more expensive, but offer by the current fall in prices in the transfer market really strong performance for the price.

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7 strong players with 10,000 coins

In this list there are players who are particularly strong in their positions and can improve your team. We have not looked for a specific league or position but across – thus likely to be something for everyone.

Erling Haaland (88)

Price: 20,000 coins

This makes Haaland from: It is inconceivable that a top striker like Erling Haaland can get for less than 20,000 coins in FIFA 22nd Should you play a football team, then you should definitely on a purchase of the Norwegian think, because Haaland is big, really fast and has great shot values.

He also has decent dribbling stats, which can be further improved by the use of the Engine Chemistry styles. His only real drawback is the right foot, you rather should not shoot.

Timo Werner (84)

Price: 19,000 coins

This makes Werner: Werner was in the last FIFA parts always been a strong striker and that has not changed this year. For FIFA 22, although he had to downgrade from 85 to 84 to accept, but that does not matter. Werner is still extremely fast and provides strong shooting and dribbling values. Scoring goals should not be a problem.

Only the passing game by Werner leaves something to be desired, which is why you should prefer to complete itself with its card.

Sergio Ramos (88)

Price: 15,000 coins

This makes Ramos: The Spanish defender legend is indeed already 35 years old, but a bad card he therefore has still a long way. He is a pace of 70, although not the fastest, so the use of the Shadow Chemistry styles offered. But the lack of speed makes it with really good defensive and physique values ​​up for it.

In addition, has Ramos strong pass-Stats with which he can initiate an attack or he heads the ball directly into the goal itself, because his aerial skills are 92 really strong.

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Phil Foden (84)

Price: 17,000 coins

This makes Foden: The gold card by Phil Foden is perfect for the offensive midfield. He is fast and has strong pass values ​​and can also convince values ​​Dribbling with outstanding. He is perfectly suited to play off defenders and pushing the last pass for the striker.

In an emergency Foden can even dare even a shot on goal, because his shot values ​​are decent.

Eder Militao (82)

Price: 20,000 coins

This makes Militao: If you are looking for a top central defender for a La Liga team, then you can watch safely set Militao. The Brazilian is with its top values ​​defend your goal. He is very fast, defensively strong and has a decent physique. The ideal defender So in this price range.

For Pace and defensive stats in the 90 area should the Shadow use Chemistry style.

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang (85)

Price: 19,000 coins

This makes Aubameyang: With Aubameyang gets her a speedy striker who is finally to get inexpensive FIFA 22nd He convinces with its outstanding speed nor mad dash values, solid pass values ​​and good dribbling values.

An all-around strong striker who also has to offer 4 stars in the weak foot and the skill moves.

Sandro Tonali (81)

Price: 14,000 coins

This makes Tonali: The first Inform map of Tonali offers a decent upgrade over its standard card. In his TOTW version Tonali is a really good defensive midfielder for Serie A teams. He is fast and can fit very well, is strong and has good dribbling Physis- and defensive values.

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Attacks initiate, distribute passports and prevent enemy attacks, a problem likely to pose to the Italians. Your will be even better if you use the Shadow Chemistry style. You should just do not try to shoot on goal.

Which players do you use in your team? Do you have a tip? We like to tell us in the comments!

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