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Currently, in the Level-5-Raids Vonpokémon Go, you will return to the legendary monster giratina in its transformation form. We from Meinmmo have viewed us which counterattacks you should use against this Pokémon best and show you.

When is Giratina (convertible form) in the RAIDS? Since today, October 12, 2021, at 10:00 o clock local time you can meet giratina in its convertible shape in the Level-5-Raids. As a Raid boss, the arenas will defend local time by 22 October 2021 at 10:00.

The best counterattack against giratina (convertible form)

Giratina (convertible shape) is a final 4th generation pokémon, which belongs to the types of spirit and dragon. For this reason, it has a special weakness against the attacks of the types inappropriating, mind, ice, dragon and fairy. You should put it on these monsters when choosing your team.

With the help of the overview of PokeBattler we looked at what counterparts are best suited against giratina and have summarized these together (via PokeBattler.com):

MEGA developments as counter

Alternatively, you can of course also use your MEGA developments as counterparts. This is best for it:

Mega Gengar with dark claw and spikball
Mega dog moon with stewam and parasitus
Mega-Garados with bite and crunch

Which Pokémon can you still use?

In the selection of your team, you should definitely go to the weaknesses of giratina in the convertible shape. If you want to use other monsters, then ensures that you have the appropriate counterpart. In this case best Pokémon sets:

Darkrai with stewam and spikball
Maxax with dragon rod and dragon claw
Diaga with Feuerodem and Draco Meteor
Cyromas with feuerodem and tantrum
Galar-Flampivian with ice tooth and avalanche
Skelbara with burden and spikball
Gengar with Schlecker and spikball
Zacian with stewer and cuddler

Giratina (convertible shape) – all information and whether it is worthwhile

How many players do you need? If you use the most effective counterpart, then your giratina (convertible form) can already defeat third. But we recommend a group of at least 4-5 coaches. Then the fight is also a bit more relaxed.

What is a giratina with an IV of 100? After the RAID, Giratina can have a maximum of 1931 WP in its transformation form. This corresponds to an IV of 100% or a 4-star rating. Due to the weather conditions, the Pokémon has a weather boost due to the weather conditions, then the maximum WP is 2414. You will receive this Boost in windy weather.

There is giratina (convertible form) as Shiny? Yes, with a little luck you can meet a dazzling copy of Giratina. You recognize it on his yellow body, the white bone and the blue ornaments on his neck and wings.

Worth giratina (convertible form)? Yes, giratina is a strong candidate in its transformation form especially in the hyper and master league. So if you need a copy, you should definitely strike. But even Shiny Hunters come to their costs with these raids and can meet a dazzling giratina with a little luck.

How strong giratina (convertible form) is and what you should know about the Pokémon, we have summarized here for you.

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How do you find the new Raid boss in Pokémon Go? Will you diligent participate in Level-5-Raids? Which are your best counterattack against giratina (convertible form)? Or are RAIDs not so your thing? Write us your opinion here on Meinmmo in the comments.

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