Rapid Training Center Successful start of the second construction phase

As the SK Rapid reports on Thursday, the first construction phase of the training center completed despite Corona Pandemic as planned . Now seamlessly starts the second construction phase.

The SK Rapid was able to complete the first construction phase of the training center as planned at the beginning of October and passed seamlessly into the second construction phase, it says in a broadcast of the Hütteldorfer.

Stefan Ebner, project manager of the SK Rapid: With the completion of the first construction phase, both the cabin of the combat team, the coach offices and the physiotherapy area are completed. The second phase now includes all the remaining interior designs in the functional building, such as the cabins of the academic teams, rooms for the Meals and recreation of the players, power chamber and state-of-the-art office space .

Managing Director Economy Christoph Peshek is pleased: According to the Allianz Stadium, the training center is now the next large future project of the SK Rapid to strengthen the foundation for sustainable competitiveness.

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The functional building can be fully used with the beginning of January. For managing director Zoran Barisic, the training center guarantees a enormous qualitative improvement of the training business resulting in a significant advantage for the sports development of the SK Rapid . As soon as all teams are housed at the same location, this also optimizes cooperation between professionals, Rapid II and Academy .