FIFA 22 Teenagers should not spend money in FIFA says EA

The new offshoot of the FIFA series has now been available for several days and already turned out to be disappointment. Some of the new features for FFIFA 22 are only available on the next-gene consoles and even with these, the title simply does not offer enough new, as we looked at our test for the football game. Next year, the series may not be called FIFA anymore, but a system will – with modified names – will certainly be represented again in the next offshoot. The speech is of course of Fut, FIFA Ultimate Team. A mode that has long been causing numerous debates.

Count Lootboxes in video games as a gambling? Some governments are at least this opinion. Even the FUT cards from FIFA fall under this concept, after all, players can use real money here to get a particularly strong player with a lot of luck. Above all, young people are quickly exploited by such systems, which is why EA is repeatedly criticized for this mechanics.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Chris Bruzzo, the Chief Experience Officer of EA, talked about the problems with Fut and also counted a few facts. According to Bruzzo, 90 percent of the FUT packs are acquired by the in-game currency Fut coins and 78 percent of the playership does not issue any money for microtransaktions.

In FIFA 22 (Buy Now 59.99 € / 53.99 €) are now also the probabilities for specific maps from the FUT packs. In addition, players – and parents – can restrict their FIFA playing time. That s a good start, but whether this is really helpful, let it go.

The problem that, of course, is also used by a pretty young audience, however, remains. EA Would like to treat players like full-fledged people who can make good decisions in their lives. Here, the probabilities of players should support players in the decision, but when it comes to children and adolescents, the thing looks a little different.

The official opinion of EA is that children should not spend money in this mode at all:

Children should not spend money in our game. Children should not spend money in FIFA. […] If we look at the account applications, we see a very low percentage of accounts of persons under 18. But more importantly, By default, that we have locked expenses for accounts under the age of 18. And we work together with Sony and Microsoft to introduce standard expenditure controls for children. Children should not spend money in FIFA, point.

However, the whole situation is a little absurd. EA does not want to spend young people in FIFA, yet the FIFA series receives another USK-0 seal every year. This makes the game suitable for all age groups, which makes sense in a sports game like FIFA of course. However, the title has systems that should not be used by children according to the manufacturer. Maybe future FIFA titles will receive a higher USK rating.

The entire interview with Chris Bruzzo can be found on the side of Eurogamer

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08.10.2021 at 18:16