Pok mon Unite Sylveon Date of premiere and all the attacks of the new character

Pokémon Unite continues to expand your list of playable characters. Sylveon will be the following one to swell the Pokédex after you have already added to Mamoswine on the occasion of the last Great Patch launching for Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. An evolution of EEVE originally introduced into the sixth generation to represent the fairy type that will be incorporated into the game the next day October 5 and we already know a few additional details.

Attacks and details of Sylveon in Pokémon Unite

We will begin the departure as EEVEE and we will become Sylveon once evolved at level four. A mainly offensive Pokémon that will have an unusual feature in the game and practically unique among the species destined for the attack: You can use your UNITE movement once you have reached level 8 .

Still as Eevee you will have access to …

Speed ​​ : throw star-shaped rays that inflict damage to rivals
tender eyes : launches a projectile that inflicts damage, reduces the opponent s attack and slows it down.

Once the final stage is reached, unlock the following attacks between levels 4 and 8.

Lamen flame : Sylveon jumps at the selected address and surrounds flames that attack nearby enemies automatically. By harming a rival, its cooling is reduced.
VOZARRÓN : launches a sonic wave that inflicts more damage the farther the rival is.
Kiss Drainage : Connect a thread with the rival that inflicts damage and recovers health L user. The link is broken to a certain range.
Mental Peace : Increases the Special Attack, Special Defense and the speed of movement.
Movement UNITE : It becomes invulnerable and creates an area of ​​effect after a brief channeling that inflicts damage to rivals. Also, recover health points.

Viewing its characteristics, it seems that we are facing one of the most interesting creatures of the game regarding the initial stages of the game. It will be necessary to see if it will be enough to appear in the high positions of the Tier List or not, but it can be a real headache thanks to its rapid learning of attacks and the interesting characteristic of its UNITE movement. Now, just wait a few days to try Sylveon.