Pok mon Unite registers more than 30 million downloads during his first week in mobile

After its first week on mobile devices, Pokémon Unite was downloaded more than 30 million of times. An enviable figure for many applications, even without taking into account the 9 million additional downloads that the game had in Nintendo Switch.

The game had 15 million downloads in its first 2 days. Information was provided by Sensor Tower, site that meets all kinds of data and information within the mobile market. Of all those downloads during your first week on mobile, 15 million were registered in the first 2 days of the Pokémon Unite launch.

With these figures, Pokémon UNITE is dangerously close to the success of the most popular Moba on mobile, sand of value (also known as Honor of Kings). This game exceeded 10,000 million dollars in profits, being the first mobile title in achieving it. In the same way, the Tencent company comes winning, because both games left this study.

Mobile Market continues to demonstrate its strength in the videogame industry. Just yesterday, Sensor Tower reported a total of $ 2 billion in profits for Genshin Impact after First Year on mobile, surpassing titles such as Roblox and Pokémon Go.