Youtuber is already glitching in FIFA 22 to shoot light goals

Still prior to the official release of FIFA 22 On October 1, a Glitch makes the round, which makes the goal shooting much easier under certain conditions. The error is probably an old acquaintance from FIFA 21.

What is this for a glitch? The error has been tested in the Pro-Club mode of FIFA 22. Because more than one active player is needed. He hangs together that a slope is shot to the opposing penalty area, where a teammate is already waiting for the ball.

The defense Ki of the opponent mostly positions itself so that they are not guarding the waiting player at all. So this is completely free and can be quasi alone and free to the gate of the opponent at successful spread.

The Youtuber JCC has held this mistake in a video after an opponent has tried this against his team. JCCS team has turned around the spike and almost scored a goal at each attempt. Here you see the whole thing in the video:

Glitch from FIFA 21 to find in FIFA 22

What does the Youtuber say? According to his statement, JCC has already forwarded the Glitch to EA and received no reaction. With the video he wants to achieve that the error disappears as soon as possible from the game.

How do players react? In the comments, the players are anything but excited. Some criticize that the error already occurred in its predecessor. A commentator writes: This is not new, was already in FIFA 21. I used in Pro Clubs all the time.

Some therefore doubt that EA at all would test such mistakes and feel confirmed: FIFA would basically remain the same every year, including glitches.

Only works in Pro Clubs? That s hard to say. So far, there is no proof of glitch from other modes. Theoretically, this should work in any mode in which you can spend a lot in the co-op.

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Whether EA will fix the error promptly, is currently unknown. Since that did not happen in its predecessor, it could probably take a while.

When is FIFA 22? The early access phase runs since September 27th. Officially FIFA 22 then appears on October 1 for all players.

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