If you use Pokemon Unite and Girls Glasses it is not a battle Compatible Batsugun with the fortupy fusigibana

Every new one of Pokemon Unite is attractive, but it is easy to understand and strong Good glasses . I m absolutely not used Pokemon of special attack type! If there is no policy, it is recommended unless there is a policy.

In this article, let s validate how much such special glasses are useful .

◆ Special glasses are significantly improved!

The effect of the sticky glasses is simple, and when the technique is hit 40, 50/60 rise. In addition, the higher the attack, the larger the additional damage.

If Lv. 1 Watasilaga shoots this , it will be 402 (311 + 91) damage with 261 damage and dumplings Lv. 30 without a sticky glasses. The rising rate is about 1.5 times.

Lv. 15 If Fusigibana shoots Navila no Mai + and hit Gigadorain + with normal attack and Gigadorain + until the effect is released, a total of 7,940 damage, a total of 10,268 damage in the dumpling glasses Lv. 30 It will be. The increase rate is about 1.3 times.

After adding additional glasses, there is a waiting time for a while, but there is no doubt that the damage is large. If you use a special attack type Attacker Pokemon, it will be a mandatory.