For its 15 years Pok mon Diamant Pearl unveils a new band

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And you, where were you fifteen years ago? At friend Greg, we were sending to receiving Pokémon diamond / pearl from Japan, history of entrusting the test to friend Greg, too happy to finally exchange his Pokémon online. On September 28, 2021, 15-year-old day, The Pokémon Company blows the candles of the first episode of the DS with a new trailer captured on Switch, while revealing new information to the passage.

This is the opportunity to return to the Pokémontre, this gadget sets useful applications, such as radar to flush out hidden objects. In this remake , it will also use wild Pokémon, which will facilitate the player s exploration with their secret capacities.

The peaceful square of UnionPolis is a place of relaxation to welcome the proud draftsman and six of his Pokémon, provided they are allowed. Once on the spot, it will be possible to shoot its favorite Pokémon with all angles to immortalize the moment, like any good instagrammer that respects, using the Nintendo Switch screenshot button – a simple support For a cliché, a long press for a video.

Finally, the game will again make puffs, delicacies to improve the conditions of a Pokémon, in order to obtain better results during style contests. The difference is that it will be possible to switch to cooking since the peaceful square, without necessarily returning to the coercine.

No need to recall, sparkling diamond / sparkling pearl Pokémon will come to occupy the annual niche of November, with a double exit very exactly November 19, 2021.


Pokémon Diamant Sparkling – September Trailer 2021