Pokemon Yanite Launched Smartphone Version and Trailer Video

[Data provided: Pokemon]

Pokemon started deploying a smartphone version of Download Software Pokémon Unite (Pokemon Yuan) (hereinafter referred to as Pokémon Unite (Pokemon Yunite).

is a Pokemon s first team strategy battle game and can be downloaded for free from Nintendo E Shops, App Store and Google Play Store.

With the deployment, the new battle path Zerina Infos will begin, and many items can be obtained through the battle pass. If the Battle Pass level is closed, a new item can be obtained and upgraded to a premium battle path will add more valuable items such as rare soloware to compensation.

In addition, the number of pre-registration of the smartphone is a compensation for achievement of 5 million, EOS Tickets and Pikachu Yunite Licensing and Pikachu Yunite Licensing and Pikachu s special soloware Style can be given.

Gifts are not based on presence or absence of pre-registration.

As a new feature, Yuanite Circle has been added, and this feature allows you to enjoy Circle Colleagues with Circle Colleagues, or you can find a circle that has already been created by others to find Yunite Battle Colleau.

A special mission to get Gerero Yunight licenses is also beginning. Korea Time On September 6, 2022 (Tue), clearing the mission is cleared by the mission.

Commemorating the launch of the smartphone version to commemorate the launch of the Pokemon Yunite> Mobile Launched Trailer Pokemon Official YouTube Channel , and the details of this game are Official Site and Official SNS , Nintendo E Shop and App Store and You can check in Google Play Store .