Pok mon Unite Add new Pok mon next week

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POKEMON UNITE has announced the release game\s.blogspot.com/2021/09/evolutions-pokemon-first-trailer-date.html” title=”date of a new Pokémon”>date of a new Pokémon. Mamoswine will be added to the game on September 29, only one week after the Tencent developer will launch a mobile version of the popular Moba style game. The role of Mamoswine is unknown in the game. However, a prominent video published by Tencent showed several of the Pokémon movements that focus on attacking opponents with their great fangs and freeze them with various ice movements. This coincides with the role of Mamoswine in the main game, where the Pokémon has impressive attack statistics but a mediocre defense. You can see the preview of Mamoswine below:


POKEMON UNITE is a free MOBA-style game with 5v5 equipment battles. Players control a single Pokémon and get on level by defeating wild and opposing Pokémon. Players also collect Aeos Energy from wild Pokémon and try to score goals on the side of their opponent. While the game is lacking several characteristics of the traditional Pokémon Games (such as the advantages of type), it is still a fun mix of mope-style tactics and classic Pokémon. While the game is free, players must buy UNITE licenses in the game store to be able to use those Pokémon in the matches. UNITE licenses can be purchased using Aeos Coins, a game coin obtained by playing games, or using a premium currency purchased with real world money.

Mamoswine is one of the two new Pokémon who will arrive pokemon unite soon. Tencent also announced that Sylveon would come to the game in the coming weeks. Sylveon was a surprise because of the branched Evolutionary Line of Pokémon, but it seems that Tencent wanted to choose an evolution of EEVEE and continue with her for now.

POKEMON UNITE has just launched an important update of the game that added three new elements withheld and facilitated the updating of those retained objects. This eliminated an important barrier to play, since the players could pay to update the retained elements more quickly, which gives them an advantage in the battle.

POKEMON UNITE is now available as a free game in Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.