Pok mon Unite is now available for free at iOS Android and is finally updated with Spanish translation

After a debut of the most successful in Nintendo Switch, Pokémon UNITE jumps today to mobile devices with its launch in iOS and Android , with what you can now download free this pokémon mob in your smartphones. But not only that: the Timi Studios game receives a new update charged with news, among which the inclusion at the end of a translation into Spanish in the game stands out.

In the Pokémon Unite blog we know the news of the new game update, which also includes functions such as the Crossed Game and Cross Progress between Nintendo Switch and the two new versions of the game. In addition, with it a new season of contents with spatial theme is introduced, which includes a gengar astronaut with which to terrify your rivals. The free-to-play of the Pokémon saga arrives at mobile phones and these are the contents of the last update of Pokémon Unite.

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News from Pokémon Unite

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And, again, you have a gengar astronaut for unblocking, which is all an incentive by itself. Pokémon Unite triumphed at its launch for Nintendo Switch, whose for free Offer with Pokémon exceeded 9 million players in a month and a half. And facing this mobile premiere, the game added more than 2.5 million records only on Android. We will see if your servers bear the marabunta of users that will be added today to the game, and if you want to know more information about your proposal, here you have the Pokémon Unite analysis.