Pok mon Unite has its first mobile problems There are difficulties with rewards and missions

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Of course, Pokémon Unite is arranged to be transformed into the new phenomenon that will attract the looks of both people fully involved in the world of videogames and those that only know the most important titles. Since, to make Pokémon a moba that takes advantage of the varied universe of the original games is a proposal with a very high success . However, and although one of the most expected aspects by the community was his arrival at mobile, it seems that this is not exempt from problems . Specifically, several players have reported difficulties to get the rewards promised by pre-registration and to carry out daily missions.

The official account of Pokémon Unite on Twitter has echoed this problem and tries to alleviate the situation informing that developers are aware of the errors and are working on it : We have discovered a problem with which several coaches They can not get their rewards from the pre-registration campaign. We will publish an update when we know something else. And, from what it seems, the dilemma does not end here, since the same factor that prevents the claim of these rewards also affects other areas of the game .

In this regard, Pokémon Unite returns to communicate his users about the advance of the team in relation to the first problem, which has now been discovered that prevents the proper functioning of other areas: We have discovered that this problem seems to affect the possibility of some coaches for Complete daily missions in general . And, again, they promise to bring more updates soon.

We do not know what percentage of those 2.5 million users who had registered are experiencing difficulties with the game. But, if you have had problems with any of the two functionalities mentioned in Pokémon Unite, know that the developer has the batteries laid to solve any imbalance that affects the game experience. In spite of everything, it is clear that this Moba intends to offer updates that clarified to all possible user groups , since with their arrival in Android and IOS have also added the translation into Spanish. On the other hand, it is clear that Pokémon Unite in Nintendo Switch has been a success , since days before his premiere on mobile he managed to overcome the 9 million downloads.