Pok mon Unite Both branded in the mobile market is the most downloaded game in more than 60 countries

It will be because it is a game that combines the characteristics of a moba with the Pokémon Universe. Or because it s a title of free download . Or because the mobile market has a wide number of players. Either as it is, it is evident that Pokémon Unite is a success, since he has led the game lists downloaded on Android and iOS in more than 60 countries , which is said soon.

This has been highlighted by the well-known Niko Partners Analyst, Daniel Ahmad, on the Twitter account of him. Even though he does not comment numerical data on the success of Pokémon Unite in these 60 countries, we are clear that he has meant a success in the mobile market . Something that was expected to have overcome the 2.5 million pre-registered users in the days before their arrival at Android and iOS.

In addition, Ahmad also stands out the first impressions in some areas of the world, as he ensures that the game is showing positive results in Southeast Asia, Europe and Latin America . In other words, it seems that the expansion to the field of smartphones has been one of the most effective ideas to bring Pokémon Unite to the knowledge of thousands of people not so involved in the videogame sector.

Therefore, we could say that the first hours of Pokémon Unite on mobiles have been as successful, although, as it happens with all release, it has come with some unforeseen ones that are still fixing . In spite of everything, from right now Pokémon Unite is available for free around the world through Android and IOS mobile, in addition to Nintendo Switch, and an update is added that, finally, includes the Spanish language in the game.