FIFA 22 First X IS BC

FIFA 22 is facing the door and as part of the annual ritual at the beginning of each new FIFA game, players must fight through a stack of basic squad building challenges. One of the most difficult and most expensive to solve is the First Xi SBC in the League Hybrid Set. This requires a squad from 11 different leagues, but must have all the same nationality.

While the other SBCs are relatively straightforward in this set, First Xi is known for the players frustrating and often coinless when they try it at the beginning of the game. However, we are based on some solutions for the First Xi SBC in FIFA 22.

So scroll through this guide and save the trouble, stress and cost to solve the dreaded First Xi SBC all alone.

FIFA 22 First XI SBC requirements

Here are the prerequisites to conclude the First Xi SBC in FIFA 22:

Exactly gold player
Exactly 11 leagues
Exactly 100 chemistry
At least 8 rare players

This SBC becomes particularly tricky, since it needs 100 chemistry – which means that no one can get out of the position – and that the majority of the squad has to be rare.

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This 100-chemical requirement also means that at least one player in the team must have a loyalty bonus. This means that the player was either pulled out of a pack or played more than ten games for their ultimate team. This means that you can only buy ten of the eleven players directly from the transfer market.

Therefore, there is only one handful of nationalities that are compatible with this SBC.

FIFA 22 First XI SBC best nations

The First Xi SBC in FIFA 22 requires a team with the same nationality. So far, we have only found two nationalities with which you can complete this SBC without having to use multiple position change positions. They are Brazil and Argentina.

FIFA 22 First XI SBC solution

Before we show you some solutions for the first XI SBC in FIFA 22, remember: At least one player in your team must have loyalty. If no one has a loyalty bonus, you can only reach 99 chemistry. Right, time for a few solutions.


To solve the First Xi SBC with Brazilian players in FIFA 22. This method will bring you back between 30,000 and 40,000 coins for sale, but does not require position changes.

It is worth taking a look at your Ultimate Team Club to see if you already have some of these alternative players that you could use instead of some players in this solution.

ST: Instead of Wesley, you could try Johnathan, Junior Negao, Arthur Cabral, Vinicius, Alan Kardec or Saares.
CM: Instead of Gerson, you could use Rafinha or Lucas Pequeta.
CB: Instead of Pablo you could use Doria.

Unfortunately, it is hard to complete this SBC without the right-back Bruno Peres, which is currently sold at a very high price. However, most other players in this SBC should not cost you more than 4,000 coins per piece.


How to solve the First Xi SBC with Argentine players in FIFA 22. Players in this solution are slightly cheaper than the Brazilians, with the cost of this solution between 25,000 and 30,000 coins. However, it requires a position change from CAM to CM for Robertone, or if you have more than one player with loyalty, you can retain Robertone as a CAM.

With this Argentine solution there is very little scope, and we have found no alternative players who would still fit.

Also, Go this solution with something caution – with the SBC cadrauer of Futwiz, this team ticks all requirements. When testing in the FIFA 22 web app with Concept Players, however, Salvio apparently did not recognize as a rare player if he should be. However, if you use real maps of your club, this should be fine, but let us know if you can not submit with Salvio.

So you have two solutions for the First Xi SBC in FIFA 22. Browse in your club to see if you already own one of these players before you go to the transfer market to pick them up.