Pokemon Unite beginners never remember 10 points to win

Finally, the smartphone version also started distribution Pokemon Unite . Pokemon s first team strategy battle game is a very exciting.

This work is a game that fights with 5VS5, but it is important to learn knowledge first to win. In this article, we will deliver points that beginners want to remember first in 10 items.

◆ Level is important anyway

After the game started, each player first defeats wild Pokemon and raises the level. In this work, if there is a level difference, the other party is very difficult to win, and it will not be almost match if there is a level difference as 2-3.

Since the level of yourself and the other party are properly displayed (the left number on the HP bar), let s first look at the level when fighting against the other person. If you have a high level, it will be understood as soon as it is not.

◆ ◆ 2 route 2 people, 1 center, 2 lower route

There are three-way routes in the stage of this work. This will be shared with five friends, but it will be the basic operation to be divided into two routes, one center, and two lower routes.

Before starting the game, let s tell your position with this because you can show the intention of Where do you go in the preparation screen route setting. If you do not know where to go, it will be OK if you choose your recommendations.

◆ Movement of Pokemon going to the center

The outcome is determined by the five teamwork, but it is certain that Pokemon who goes to the central area is important. The central Pokemon is because it is necessary to provide up and down support by raising a lot of wild Pokémon and raising the level.

As mentioned earlier, the level difference is important. After raising the level, it will be work to fight for more important root interference or fight Pokemon in the central area of ​​the enemy.

■ Pokemon that is facing the center
· Zeraora
· Absol
· Gecka etc.

◆ About Mochimochi

As the trainer level goes up, you will be able to have up to three of Pokemon. Mochimokos can be upgraded upgraded to Max Lv.30 in Mochimoki and Kit , so let s strengthen by all means.

Mochimono changes with Pokemon, but Chikara s Hachima , Kai s Hachimaki , Otaku Barrier is generally recommended.

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◆ About battle items

Battle Item that brings special effects by using it during the battle. There are several types, but It s a button is generic and very easy to use.

The button was too popular and the downturn was held once, but still still popular. This momentum will continue until there are quite large adjustments.

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◆ About billing items and items in game

Pokemon Unite is a basic play, so you can play without using money, but if you purchase a billing item, you have the advantage of making a new Pokemon easier for you to get a new Pokemon.

If you can charge, Battle Pass recommends a beginner. When Battle Pass plays and satisfies the condition, you can get various items. After becoming a motivation of play, the reward is quite good.

In order not to charge as much as possible, it is important to use in-game items. Eoscoins can be saved as much as possible to use the Unite license, and the Eos ticket will be replaced with the sticky or dumplings or kits.

◆ Square turtle and Thunder are super important

When a certain period of time has passed at the Remotter Stadium, Kaziro turtle and Thunder appear. Both are very important Pokemon, so let s cooperate with allies.

Although the trigger turtle can get a large amount of experience and shielding effects, anyway, Pokemon Unite is important to the other person s level difference, so the striking turtle is inevitable to determine the match.

If you beat Thunder, you will be able to break the opponent s goal and goal in an instant. Once you get Thunder, you can say that the game will be able to win, as a big opportunity. It is also the point to leave Unite work to rob the sander.

The sander does not have to defeat it. If you are in an advantageous situation, you should protect the Thunder than defeating, or anyone ignores it if anyone is not good at hand.

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◆ I do not know the game until the end!

As Pokemon Unite has a fault function, it will want to throw a game as soon as it becomes disadvantageous for the early stage and medium. However, it is something that does not know until the end.

In this work, if you break the goal, it will be easier to raise the level and raise the level in your own camp. In addition, as the remaining 2 minutes is doubled, the score that is the goal is doubled, so it is rather advantageous to not break the goal (that is, the side who loses to it so far). In other words, there is always the eye of reverse.

For example, even if the sander is taken to the enemy team, it is also possible to get it back with a blowout …! The player who does not give up until the end gets the possibility of victory.

◆ Picking up the other person with the option!

Let s check the option before the game. Even in the switch version, even smartphone versions, Advance operations that can shoot normal attacks are very important. Also, turn on Display of reinforcement attacks will allow you to calculate the amount of damage to the other party well.

In the case of a smartphone version, if you make a cancellation operation as slide out of range , it will be possible to operate more quickly. Display latency below the decimal point and Highlight the outline of the Pokemon of the other party at the screen end will also be nice.

In the case of the switch version, the intensity of Auto Aim can be set. Please refer to here because the switch version is written in detail in related articles.

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◆ Strong Pokemon changes with the update!

Pokemon Unite regularly has a balance adjustment update, and Pokemon, which is said to be strong, will always change.

It is often the case where Pokemon, who did not have much active until last week, is often noticeable, and Pokemon that was very popular is often used. It is also important to grasp this trend well.

We also deliver the latest information on Pokemon Unite and information on how to the Pokemon Unite . Please check and grab victory.