Pok mon Unite Nintendo Switch game with 60 fps play

Play games on the Nintendo Switch in 60 FPS? Usually, Switch owners in terms of refresh rate have the look. Mostly run games with a maximum of 30 frames per second. In the free Pokémon Unite, it is possible – at least in dock mode – screw up the frame rate to 60. For this you simply navigate to the options and sets the FRAME RATE option to high (high). First, you log in to the game and then presses the X button. You now navigate down to the option point It settings .

At the top, you will find the menu item Frame Rate. You simply put this on high and then leave the menu. Now your Pokémon Unite plays with liquid 60 frames per second. We attach our test to Pokémon Unite to the heart. In it, you will find all the strengths and weaknesses listed. Especially the factor Pay 2 Win currently heats the minds. Effective you have to be very long to unlock all the Pokémon.

In our tips area we listed you as you will clear all the Pokemon in Pokémon Unite. You will also find a beginner guide with tips for starting the Pokemon Moba. In it, you will learn how to divide the different classes in your team and more. In MOBA communication is the key to success.

From Maik Koch
10.08.2021 at 10:40