9 million downloads for Pok mon Unite on Switch

Not far from two months after his launch on Switch, he was visibly time for The Pokémon Company to draw a first assessment around Pokémon Unite. The first moba around the Pokémon series has more than 9 million downloads since July 21, date of commissioning on the Nintendo console.

POKÉMON UNITE.. [New Pokemon MOBA Game]
Crude downloading figures that should probably know a clear acceleration when the game will open to smartphones and tablets under iOS and Android on September 22nd. An influx of novices that should probably allow the Company team to climb up in the ranks of the ranking – at least that s on that beta and Puyo in a next Pokémon tounite with the readers.

In the meantime, like any good free to play , the game plans to distribute for free 2,000 AEOS tickets to each coach to celebrate this launch, from September 29th. What to Garnish with the wardrobe, since the purchase of cosmetics, the permanent release of new Pokémon and the improvement of the worn objects remain the main nervical points of the ecosystem in place.

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