Wow So you are now making you optimally at Phase 2 from TBC Classic before

The contents of Phase 2 for WoW: Burning Crusade Classic are currently known to be on the public test server and it should no longer be too long for the update to the live servers.

Many of the coming challenges, however, require quest rows or other things or bring special mechanics to which the shard world adventurers have to prepare. Those who take care of these stuff only after the start of Phase 2 will stand in front of a huge mountain work, which wants to be reduced in no time. It is better if you use the time to release the update to prepare for the next phase at an early stage. We help you with this guide.

Attunements for snake scrain and the eye

Already in early July we had recommended you as early as possible to take care of the Attunements for the upcoming RAID instances. The snake scrain and the eye In the fortress of storms, you can only enter in Phase 2 if you master the associated quest series. These are already available. In fact, you can even start with the Attunement for the Black Temple, this RAID challenge comes first with Phase 3.

These attorns are complicated and time-consuming, because in addition to various group quests, several visits to a variety of heroic dungeons and even some RAID instances are on the program. Which quest series must master in detail for the snake scrain and the eye, you will learn from the following article:

WOW TBC Classic: Makes the Attunements for the upcoming RAIDs

If not installed, Be sure to get the Addon Attune , which keeps you up to date at any time and very clearly, where you are currently at the different attainment quest series.

Worried you resistance equipment for SSC and the eye

Who wants to start fully in the upcoming RAID challenges of TBC Classic, but not only requires the associated attorns, but also the optimal equipment. To the start of Phase 2, to earn as many best-in-slot items from Phase 1 as possible, that should be as a point on each TODO list.

The upcoming RAID instances also bring some special requirements to which you should prepare you. In the snake scrain as well as in the eye, there are a total of three boss fights in which resistors play a crucial role.

Important for tanks: natural and frost resistance for hydross in SSC

When fighting Hydross , you need a tank with as much frost resistance as possible and a tank with as much nature resistance as possible. In addition, it can help if your Add-Tanks have equipped some frost and nature resistance clothes.

Plate users (warriors and paladins) can, for example, be able to produce the following armor parts to master this task:

Leggings of the ice guard (8x khorium bars, 12x water, 12x castor)
Helm of the Eiswache (8x khorium bars, 12x water, 12x original fire)
Breastplate of the Eiswache (8x khorium bars, 12x water, 12x original fire)
Helm of the Wild Guard (8x devil steel ingot, 12x root life, 12x shadows)
Breastplate of the Wild Guard (8x Devil Steel Barren, 12x Grandling, 12x Urschatten)
Leggings of the Wild Guard (8x DevilStahlenbarten, 12x Grandling, 12x shadows)

By the way: The best disk option for the glove slot are the ice curves from Naxxramas or the iron beds !
Wow: Hydross from the snake scrain can only be defeated if your tanks have high natural and frost resistors. Source: RAID Other useful objects get all armaments classes of jewelers:

Pendant of the Tauen (2x DevilStahlenbarten, 6x Urfeuer, 4x Primeval Water, 1x Mercuryadamantit)
Pendant of the extinction (2x devil steel ingot, 6x shadows, 4x Urben, 1x mercury bathroom mantit)
The frozen eye (2x khorium bars, 6x water water, 6x castor, 4x mercury bathroom mantit)
The protection of nature (2x devil steel bullets, 6x root life, 6x shadows, 4x mercury bathroomantite)

Also, get the following objects:

Nature armor set
Glyph of frost protection
Glyph of nature conservation
Inscription of the resilience

EYES!!!! EVERYWHERE!!!!!  (FGTEEV gets GURKEY w/ Chase, Shawn & Mike)
Cape – Big nature resistance

What about the Druid tanks?

Druid tanks are very popular in Phase 1 of TBC Classic, and that could be a problem with Hydross. In the absence of manufacturing items from the shard world era, the leather carriers must operate from other sources to refuel the boss with as much natural or frost resistance as possible.

When it comes to frost resistance, you re lucky if your druide has already been in Phase 6 of WOW (Buy Now 14.99 €) Classic Your Main and you have covered with the frost resistance items from Naxxramas:

glacier cloak
Polar gloves
Polar arm rails
Polar shoulder pad
Ramaladnis icy handle
Touch of the frost

In case of doubt, it is worthwhile to visit with the guild once or twice Naxxramas and for you to get / build one or the other item with frost resistance, so that you have grown up to the coming task. From our own experience we can say: With Level 70, Naxxramas is a chain walk.
Wow: While warriors are available to good options for their natural and frost resistance equipment, druids have a hard time to come to high resistance. Source: Blizzard The natural resistance items from Classic are meanwhile pretty weak. The best item from this time is the thorn wood helmet with a glyph of nature conservation . You have to access a few green items from the TBC era for lack of options, but have randomly avoided value combinations. After some of the following items with the addition nature conservation looks out:

Dragonwalking pants
Dragon folk tunic
Dragon falpen belt
Dragon fold boots
Dragonwalking gloves
Dragonwalk hat

In the best case, your RAID will not bring your wildness druids into the situation in which they need to recharge hydross in the nature phase.

Jewelery tip for all tanks : Petrified Skarab by Lord Kri from AQ40.

Important for witch champions: fire resistance for leoteras in SSC

When fighting LeoThera , it requires a player (preferably a witch champion), which fell with the highest possible fire resistance value the demon shape of the boss. For a total of 100 badges of justice (which want to be sharmed first) you can already buy four good fabric parts with fire resistance:

Inferno woven robe \ – Costs: 30 badges of justice
Inferno woven gloves \ – Costs: 20 badges of justice
Inferno woven leggings \ – Costs: 30 badges of justice
Inferno woven boots \ – Costs: 20 badges of justice

Alternatively (or additionally) you can be made by tailors the following items:

FLAME HIGHTER (9x Netherstomic Bale, 9x Urfire, 2x Rune Thread)
Flame Heart Gloves (7x Netherstomic Bale, 7x Urfire, 2x Rune Thread)
Flame Heart Bears (5x Netherstomic Bale, 5x Urfire, 2x Rune Thread)

Another useful object gets you from jewelers:

Pendant of the ice flame (2x devil steel bullets, 6x water, 4x castor, 1x mercury bathroom mantite)

Wow: Hexammaster give off the optimal tank for LeoThera demon form. They achieve high threat, a lot of stamina and good options to accumulate enough fire resistance. Source: Blizzard
And there are more options / alternatives that you can earn you for your Feuerresi-Gear:

Gives you about the quest examination of the Naaru: MAGHERIDON also the ring Band of the Phoenix Fire !
Buys the Cape of the Wyrmcultists from the utility of the Wyrmklts in the Schergrat. Attention: You need the Wyrmcult panel to talk to the dealer. The five costume states get their cultists from the nearby.
Worried about the quest the litany of damnism the necklace amulet of hearteleid .
The prisoners of astralum in the Netherstorm can drop fiery cloak .
No matter which cloak you take, enchants this with cape – big fire resistance .
Improves your items if useful, with the flame armor set .
Improves your head protection with glyph of fire protection .

Important for all RAID visitors: Arcane resistance for Solarian in the eye

At HochaStromant Solarian Arkane bullets are pierced on the Raid whose damage is increasingly higher through two different debuffs. So that the fight remains well curable, all players should come to about 150 arcane resistance. The following three manufacturing items help:

Pendant of Zero Rune (2x DevilStahlenbarten, 8x Urmana, Mercury Adamantite)
Cape of the Arcane Evaluations (4x Magic-filled Netherstuff Bale, 3x Urmana, 3x Grandling, 2x Netherwear Silding)
Ring of the Arcane Protection (2x Eternium Barrow, 8x Urmana)

This comes the Violet badge the Karazhan quest series. In addition, you need two Arcane tanks with as much as possible Arcane resistance, which take over the Debuff Wrath of the Astromancer. In addition to the items already mentioned, these can build these options:

Soulstant gloves (5x soul fabric bales, 6x knot skin leather, 4x rune thread)
Soul material vest (8x soul fabric bales, 4x rune thread)
Soul material shoulder (6x soul fabric bales, 4x rune thread)
Arcanostoff boots (8x Netheric Bale, 16x Arcane Dust, 2x Runen Thread)
Arcano rails (6x Netheric Bale, 12x Arcane Dust, 2x Rune Thread)
ArcanoFrobe (12x Netheric Bale, 20x Arcane Dust, 2x Rune Thread)

Even more resistors wave through:

Arkanard set
Glyph of the Arcane Protection

Wow: For the fight against Solarian, you need two Arcane tanks and at least some arcane resistance parts for each RAID member. Source: RAID

Worried materials for the boilers and Flasks

In all fights in which resistors play a role, you can also use praise drinks, which absorb the incoming damage before it nibbles on your life points. The most efficient is the production of boilers:

Significant antifreeze carrier (1x water, 3 x manadist, 5 magic-filled vials for 5 potions)
Boiler of the considerable frost protection (2x water, 7 x manadist, 1 x devil iron housing for 25 applications)
Significant nature reserve (1x Urben, 3 x Manadistel, 5 magic-filled vials for 5 potions)
Boiler of considerable nature conservation (2x Urben, 7 x manadist, 1 x devil iron housing for 25 applications)
Significant Arcane Protector (1x Urmana, 3 x Manadistel, 5 magic-filled vials for 5 potions)
Boiler of considerable Arcane protection (2x Urmana, 7 x Manadistel, 1 x devil iron housing for 25 applications)

On the PTR, there is also the following vials, which should also be available in Phase 2.

vials of the chromatic miracle (1x devil lotus, 3 x nether blossom, 7x dream winch)
And the Classic version: Vials with chromatic resistance

Buffood Tip: Roasted Blood Finish Supplies a few more resistance points.

Champions the previous quests for the new Ogri la Group

Who has read our Guide around the new call fraction Ogri la from the Schergrat, who knows: You must master several group quests before you can increase your reputation at the trunk of the Ogers.

Let s start at the Oger Grok in the lower quarter of Shattrath, who supplies you with the quest talking to the Oger . This order then sends you in the shear size, to Mog dorg the wise , which stands on one of the towers at the circle of blood. There are several group quests:

Gruloc has two skulls
Maggocs treasure chest
Even a gronn has standards

If you master these three quests, we continue with the next 5-player quest in the worst circles . As soon as each player puts in one of the fire circuits, Vim gol appears and her can be wrapped. If you did that, follow the next and last 5-player quest modes of souls . Can you also procure Skullocs soul, beckons the quest talk to Mog Dorg on you. As soon as you have received the final follow-up Ogerhimm , you are optimally prepared for the Ogri la.
Wow: The Ogri la then provide you with orders if you master a quest row to the end. Source: RAID

Levelt your Druids and buy skillful riders!

With Phase 2 from TBC Classic, the quest series comes into play for the quick flight shape of the Druids. We had already shown you in our guide , from which individual orders this epic quest series exists. At this point, we want to point out again which requirements must meet your druide to address the quest series:

The quest around the Fast flight shape receives Druids only from their class teachers, if they have learned skilled tab . So does not wait with the issue of 5,000 gold until Blizzard has implemented the Fast flight shape . In addition, she should be 70 and have a (at least) respectful reputation at the lower quarter fraction.

Wow: Before you can swing yourself with the quick flight of flight through the air, you have to complete a long quest series. Source: Blizzard

vials of pharmacists of the Aldor and Seer

Some players report from PTR that the pharmacists of the Aldor and Seer have their special vials on offer. These costs only 1x times the Illidari and work in the fortress of storms, in the cave of the snake scrit and later also in Mount Hyjal, in the black temple and in the Sonnenbrunnenplateau:

vials of strengthening Shattrath
Vials of the powerful restoration of Shattrath
vials of the top power of Shattrath
Vial of the inexorable attack by Shattrath
vial of pure death from Shattrath
vials of the blinding light from Shattrath

But we have a but for you! The pharmacists sell the vials only if you are awesome with the factions Sha tar, expedition of Cenarius and the Aldor or Sehern. And where s the times of the Illidari? These can drop from Trash opponents in the above mentioned RAID instances and are tradable. So: call farms (if not happened yet).

Farms Honor and ArenaPoints

In the Interview with Venruki at the end of July Lead Producer Holly Longdale spoke about the planned adjustments for the PVP area. A promise of the developer: Even before the end of PVP season 1, the cost of PVP-Gear (ArenaPoints and Honor) should be reduced. So if you want to rock the arena in the second season, you should use the next few weeks to farm honor and arena points. So you can properly strike the upcoming sale of the PVP items.

Farming raw materials for the new crafting recipes

With the new RAID challenges of Phase 2, ZIG new craft recipes come into play, which require a lot of raw materials for production. Here are just a few examples:

Pattern: Belts of monsoon (2x Urnetther, 4x heavy knot skin leather, 10x water, 6x windsheet, 2x rune thread)
Plans: Red Battle of Battle (2x Urnetther, 5x Hardened Adamantite Barrow, 10x Corer)
Plans: Red boots of devastation (2x Urnetther, 4x cured adamantite ingots, 12x castor)
Pattern: Purpfalk boots (2x Urnetther, 4x heavy knot skin leather, 10x price, 6x windsheet, 2x rune thread)
Pattern: Belts of deep shadows (2x Urnetther, 4x heavy knot skin leather, 10x shadows, 10x price, 2x rune thread)
Pattern: Belts of the Long Way (2x Urnetther, 4x Magic Refill Netherstomic Bale, 10x Grandling, 10x Grandwater, 2x Rune Thread)
Pattern: Magic Sanctuary boots (2x Urnetther, 4x Sadish fabric, 4x magical fabric, 2x rune thread)
Pattern: Boots of the Handsome Grace (2x Urnetther, 4x heavy knot skin leather, 12x Grandlen, 2x Runenwaden)
Plans: Belts of the Guardian (2x Urnetther, 5x Hardened Adamantite Barren, 10x Primeval Water, 5x Urder)
plans: boots of the protector (2x Urnetther, 4x cured adamantite ingot, 12x waterwater)

Above all, the Urnether will now get you in the heroic dungeons, but also the UR materials are not favorable or easier with phase 2 (more on the contrary). In addition, you with phase 2 access to the following weapon upgrades:

Blood Moon
messenger of the storm
Lion Heart Directions
Pregnant cutting edge

For the stage 3 version of the weapons, you need each 5 x Nethervortex (only from phase 2) and on the other hand the level 2 version of the corresponding item. If you do not have this version of the weapon, you should do so. Forgetlessly, not that with Phase 2 also the epic eyewear of the engineers come into play. These are also really good, but want to be built first:

Holoclasses of destruction (fabric)
Super Hip 4000 (fabric)
Totmaker glasses X11 (leather)
Moonloup goggles (leather)
Wunderheilbinokel XT40 (leather)
full hit glasses v2.0 (heavy armor)
Life Splicator Goggles (heavy armor)
Gadget Turmbrille (heavy armor)
Compresso glasses 2000 (plate)
Gizmatic madness glasses (plate)
Panzatronik glasses (plate)

What about: Are you already optimally prepared for Phase 2 by WOW: Burning Crusade Classic? Do you might have more tips for all shaped world adventurers? Then in the comment section!

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