Pok mon Go New Comfort

Update of September 15, 2021: Look forward to fans of effective Pokémon development, because the announced feature with which you see the WP of evolution before developing is now in Pokémon Go live. If you now want to trigger the development of a Pokémon, you will previously see the WP value of the new MON. You only have to confirm with yes or no if you want to carry out or cancel the evolution. After all, this saves you the use of a third-party tool.

Original message of 30 August 2021: Passionate Pokémon Go players know some problems of the game of Niantic only too well. In addition to no long time, for example, it was almost impossible, without finding out a tool from other fans, how many stars and thus IV in percent had a pocket monster. While this is still not clearly figuring out, but at least in the game is about ways to distinguish the 100% of 10% learning.

Also elsewhere, it is annoying to resort to third-party tools, namely to find out how much WP a pocket monster will have when you develop it. Especially for fans of the Pokémon-go-PVP in the Kampfliga is important because Superliga and Hyperliga have WP restrictions. And even for the players of Pokémon Go, which are not so hardcore on the way, it is quite interesting to know how the WP of a Mon with development change.

WP ad in September 2021

In September 2021, the developers of Niantic want to publish an update for Pokémon Go that exactly this problem assumes. The preview screen for a development that you want to trigger, then contains the information about the WP, which has your pocket monsters, as well as the WP, which will have evolution then. For this, you will receive information in which the leagues of the KAMPFIGA can then use the Pokémon.

The feature will eventually be introduced in September. We hope you can decide which Pokémon want to train and develop with power-ups, the developers promise. Should it work properly, then your WP development calculator can at least once aside.

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