Pok mon Go DataMiners find 7 new quests and 3 costumed monsters for new event

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Inpokémon Go have been found by DataMinern new texts and graphics that contain information about 3 costumed monsters and 7 new quests. We from Meinmmo have viewed the finds and show you.

What are that for information? In Pokémon Go look at the pokeminers, a group of datinineers, regularly for new data in the game code. These finds then make them available to other trainers publicly. Now the Pokeminers have found new texts with quest tasks and 3 costumed Pokémon in the game (via Pokeminers.com).

In the past, by their finds, they have often been able to find out new monsters or functions before the actual release. However, the data is not official information, which is why Niantic can change them at any time. Therefore, you should always look at the finds with a little healthy skepticism.

These are the 3 costumed Pokémon

In a few days, the Fashion Week begins in Pokémon Go. For this, Niantic had already announced that there should be new costumed Pokémon. Now the pokeminers in the game code have also found the associated pictures. As you can see in the following reddit post, it is snielding with sunglasses and wool hat, smettbo with a gray bow and Elezeba with a dark collar.

More graphics

Apart from the three costumed Pokémon, the DataMiners have found more new graphics in the game. So you can see the event clothing for your avatar in the previous reddit post:

A coiff waff wig
A Hoopa bangle
one outfit for male and female coaches, consisting of sunglasses, multi-layer jacket and a wrappable skirt

More graphics relate to the upcoming Halloween. To see are there:

A striped Halloween fly
a purple hat
a flat purple hat
A pumpkin crown

These new texts were found

The pokeminers have discovered next to the graphics but also new texts in the game code. These also largely turn around the upcoming Fashion Week Event. We have summarized the information found for you (via Pokeminers.com):

Texts for shaped change function

According to Niantic, a new function called shape change in Pokémon Go should also be introduced to Fashion Week. Now first texts were found. These include primarily warnings and error messages. However, a text also gives an indication of how the shape change could work.

This is how it says: To change the shape of this Pokémon, you have to do it to your buddy and together exist. In the source code of the game looks like this:

Resource ID: Form Change Confirmation
Text: Are You Sure You Want To Change {0} from ITS {1} to ITS {2}?

Text: To Change This Pokémon s Form, Set It AS Your Buddy and Adventure Together

New quests for Pokémon Go found

The Pokeminers also found 7 new quests in Pokémon GO, which are expected to do with the fashion event. Thus, in 4 tasks, snapshots of certain wild monsters should be made again in 4 tasks – as of Kirlia or Coiffwaff. The Pokémon vary depending on the task.

Another quest is fighting for a fashion challenger. Two tasks rotate about changing the form at a certain number of Pokémon. In the game, the text looks like this:

Resource ID: quest change form singular
Text: Change The Form of a Pokémon

Text: Take A Snapshot of Shinx, Flashle, OR FURFROU IN THE WILD

Resource ID: Battle fashion npcs plural
Text: Battle {0} Fashion Challengers

Texts of fashion challenger

For Fashion Week, you can meet the Pokéstops on so-called fashion challenger. These are other coaches that challenge you to a fight, much like Team Go Rocket is the case. The texts that are displayed in these encounters were also found in the game by the DataMiners.

In addition to standard texts, such as HM? You want to fight against me? , It should also give event-related texts, like Pokémon are like fashionable clothing – they bring momentum into your life! Or But … but my Pokémon are so stylish! . In addition, further placeholders were discovered for such texts (via Pokeminers.com).

Text: HM? You Want to Battle Me?

Text: Pokémon Are Like Fashionable Clothes-They Bring A Spark to Your Life!

Text: But … But My Pokémon Are so stylish!

Resource ID: Event npc10 victory male speaker
Text: & lt; Taunt & Gt … … …

Texts for special research Misident Schabernback

Currently, the season of the Schabernback, which deals with the mysterious Pokémon Hoopa. There is a separate special research called misunderstood Schabernback . This challenge is very extensive and is unlike other specialized researches only piece by piece is unlocked. The Fashion Week Event should appear the next part.

The DataMiners have also found first clues in the source code. These are the texts of Prof. Willow. These turn on the one hand around the new Pokémon Coiffwaff. In addition, in the texts explicitly pointed to Hoopa and its unleashed form. An encounter does not take place.

So says Prof. Willow: Good work to catch this coiff waff, coach! Did you know that there are other Pokémon, which are known to change your appearance? This includes one, with which we have been working very intensively in recent times: Hoopa. .

Another text that indicates an unleashed Hoopa is this: Hoopa is known to have two forms. So far we have both seen it as a given Hoopa, but I ve heard that his power increases astronomically when it becomes a unleashed Hoopa. This is how the texts look in the game code (via Pokeminers.com):

Text: Great Job Catching That Furfrou, Trainer! Did You Know There Are So Other Pokémon That re Known To Change Their Appearance? That Includes One We ve Spent a Lot of Time Researching Lately: Hoopa.

Resource ID: quest special dialogue season4 7 1
Text: Hoopa is Known to Have Two Forms. So far, you and i have lakes it as hoopa confined, but i Hear Its power increate astronomically dials it becomes hoopa unbound.

New texts for the Safari zone

The Fancy Safari Zone in Liverpool, Philadelphia and St. Louis should be made up in October and November. For this reason, the texts were now also adapted to the respective medals. So there is now the current date deposited, such as Liverpool, October 14, 2021 . According to the Pokeminer, the medals themselves should continue to wear 2020 as covers so far.

Resource ID: badge safarizone 2020 liverpool day 00 earlyaccess
Text: Liverpool, October 14, 2021

Resource ID: badge safarizone 2020 philadelphia day 00 general
Text: Philadelphia, October 28, 2021

Resource ID: badge safarizone 2020 stlouis day 03 earlyaccess
Text: St. Louis, November 14, 2021

Further text

Finally, the Pokeminers still perceived a weird letter in the text, which changes after each text update. So far, they have the letters A, H,! and S collected. What it has, you can not say and joke in your explanation about the developers: Do you have Ash! misspelled? (Via Pokeminers.com).

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How do you find the new quests and the costumed Pokémon? Which do you like best? And how do you find the other texts found by the DataMiners? Hope you hope that Hoopa will soon be catching in its unleashed form? Write us your opinion here on Meinmmo in the comments.

By the way, a coach found a trick, as your Zamozeta can get, although it is not to catch in the game. We looked at how he did that and show it to you.