Fractured announces autumn tests

Fractured, Sandbox MMO, which from 2018 after the success on Kickstarter is still in the production phase and it is not known when it comes out. Nevertheless, the creators are moving with successive tests. When? September 22 and will last until October 13.

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Access to the autumnal alpha will only have those people who have purchased the Master package or higher on the game website in their store or support KickStarter at a similar price, $ 45. For free so not a play, unless Dynamight Studios decides to give the keys on some giveaways with free access. However, if you are tempted, it s a link.

Below you will find a list of news prepared for autumn tests, focus mainly around PVE, but not only.

Over 40 new skills.
Dynamic events.
New points of interest.
Over 20 new creatures to overcome.
Treasures and Lockpicking boxes.
Reconstruction of equipment and character attributes.
A lot of additional improvements to the Market.
Entering a mailbox.

All information can be found here.

It will not be NDA, so you can stream, record and talk about the game. After closing the servers, the accounts and preparations for subsequent tests will be cleaned.