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An eye for an eye (Scriptural Hebrew: עַיִן תַּחַת עַיִן) is a rule found in Exodus 21:23– 27 sharing the concept of mutual justice action for measure. In Roman human being, the regulation of revenge (Latin: lex talionis) bears the exact same concept that a person that has actually harmed another person is to be penalized to a comparable degree by the damaged celebration. In softer interpretations, it implies the target obtains the [estimated] worth of the injury in compensation. The intent behind the concept was to limit payment to the value of the loss.

After we Tarragrue button us an additional, notorious pain in the ass before: The Eye of the jailer has made our exploring in the throat to the discovery ordeal – now we must finally take revenge. but that we succeed only if we split our raid in Phase 2 in two well synchronized halves own healing and tank. Because we are dealing not only with the eye, but also two mini-versions of it that we need to tell them apart.

Guides to all bosses in the new WoW-Schlachtzug Sanctum of the rule

WoW: Eye of the jailer – Quick Guide

hold From the edge of the platform distance
Tanks should negate or reduce damage from DEATH CONNECTION
Heroic: In Phase 1 you have to race players, the aim of distorting CHAINS
Heroic tanks alternate in the fight against Stygian kidnappers from circulation because of ATTACK LANCE
Avoids vortex fields that your soul otherwise split into three fragments aufzusammelnde
In use damning STARE grappling hook or teleport skills to bypass the attack
In Phase distinguish two death viewfinder eyes and kill at the same time
Keep away around him Phase 2 for players with circle, because otherwise you will hit by a stronger version of DESOLATION BEAM.

Phase 1: the fight against the eye

The boss fight consists of two alternating phases. During Phase 1, we are dealing with the eye itself. At 75, 50 and 25 percent health, the boss pulls back, sending two death viewfinder eyes.

Player characters should avoid at best the edge of the combat platform near the eye, as it is easy herunterzustürzen from there – especially on Heroic and Mythic when an add to get called Stygian kidnappers, the tugging CHAINS starts. With this skill, the opponent sight to a player, which is then surrounded by an aura. Several players should then go next to him to divide the attack. The kidnappers tried namely to draw shortly after all affected characters with chains into the abyss. The more heroes he pulls the chains, the slower the effect. So runs on for six seconds against this attack. Then, the opponent ends up in the player amount that should pounce on him, including alternate tanks. The kidnapper is namely the stacking Bleed effect ATTACK LANCE.

Your tanks also need to take care of it, to avoid the damage of DEATH CONNECTION or reduce. Because this attack harms not only them, but distributed suffered from the tank damage to all raid members.
Uses the Boss damning STARE, it runs quickly to the ends of the platform, where will her grappling hook. With these you jump on the laser over to the other platform page. Alternatively, it relies on immunity spells and teleportation.
also avoids the many vortices that emerge in the battle-grounds. Touching her as one, your soul is fragmented. You must then your soul three fragments pick up again to get rid of a debuff which causes damage to you with a DoT effect and your damage done massively reduced.

Phase 2: Does the raid on!

The fixed before the fight halves of the raid run each to the left and to the right side of the area, once the eye instead, the two mini-boss-eye sends forward. This must remain at least 30 feet apart, otherwise they activate SUFFERING. This spell makes all player characters with Shadow damage and doubles with each application the Shadow damage for 60 seconds. This effect stacks, so it can quickly provide a complete wipe. SUFFERING is also triggered every eight seconds when a death viewfinder eye is already dead, but the others do not. So done at the same time!
If a player is in the second phase of a circular effect surrounded, you want him shun the contrary to Phase 1: He is hit by HAVOC JET, which not only gets his players, but then meets with increased damage allies in this county.

Again and again, the death club’s eyelets are used, which makes damage fields under a player – these should not be out of the edge of the platform where carpers and especially tanks have little alternative options.
Healers must have an eye on the spacers in the RAID. For the death children’s eyes slow down player characters with slow ventilation and ensure that they need for 5 seconds for spells, distancing attacks and exercise 40 percent longer. Campers have a lower priority accordingly as their attacks are not impaired.
In mythical, in phase 2, the mechanics contempt and anger added: players are made by the harmful effects contempt or anger. Two players meet with the two Dot effects, despised destruction, which meets all RAID members with high shadow damage.

Phase 3: The angry eye

If the eye in the last phase 2 loses its remaining death charts eyes, it is set in rage and has to be done quickly. Not only the attack pace of the eye is increased, it pulsates every eight seconds also a damaging effect that meets the raid. On top of that, this effect ensures that players receive ten percent less healing up to the fighting end. The bill is simple: after 80 seconds, players receive no healing anymore. So activates fighting rush, Heldentum & Co. to bring the last 25 percent health of the eye to zero.

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