WOW Desting Pendant Raw Kalo Guide

At the third last boss in the sanctum of the rule, the developers of Blizzard once again conjured up a new mechanics from the hat. While Phase 1 still looks like a 08/15 boss fight, it is in Phase 2 in the truest sense of the word round and much coordination is needed within a short time.

Guides to all bosses in the new WoW-Schlachtzug Sanctum of the rule

WOW: Desting Pendant Raw Kalo Short Guide

Tanks must summon with fate far away from the group
The add coming from the tank must slow down and killed
The resulting adds must also be killed
Carries reputation of eternity as far as possible
Deviates the destination conjunction
Kills and interrits the adds in Phase 2
Single players (specified in heroic) turn the rings quickly into the right position

Phase 1: Foreseeable destiny

In the first phase you get it with a few skills to do anyone’s big head breaking. The active tank is regularly summoned with fate and then has to race far away while the other tank takes over the boss. For a short time later, this debuff explodes and gets out with removal of decreasing damage. In addition, an addict appears at the point of explosion, which pursues the tank purposefully. This addign must slow down the damage splitters and kill quickly. For, on the one hand, it increases the damage suffered from the tank, on the other, it explodes if it reaches it. You must absolutely prevent that. If the addiction dies, around new new, smaller adds appear, the random players must harm and be bomed away from you. The tank that takes over the boss must also be set to high damage. For every destination change, the boss himself builds itself and then raised Arcane damage to his new target.

Circles and lines

Apart from that, there are only three other mechanics. Dest of fate simply causes damage to random goals in the course of six seconds. Call for Eternity , however, occupies several players with a debuff. After a few seconds, the debuff and all players within the circle explodes the respective players suffer high damage. Those affected players run away from the group. In heroic mode it becomes more complicated. Because there also explode the already stored debuffs again. So it’s very, very important to take the debuffs far to the edge and well staggered, otherwise the place quickly goes out.
Last but not least, there is the destiny conjuncture . These are three rays that fire across the room and of which you should not make you. They cause high damage and increase the damage suffered from other hits of the attack. So meet two rays, you are as good as dead. In theory, the pretty easy. In practice, however, quite demanding. Because you only see the beginning of the rays. In addition, these can appear at different positions and overlap time with other abilities of the boss. WoW: Desting Pendant Raw Kalo Guide – Sanctum of Rule (LFR, Normal, Heroic) (1) Source: tank

Phase 2: Pot the fate

In Phase 2 it goes round. The boss turns some rings on the floor in a new alignment. Your task is now to turn the rings properly. The luminous Rune must be rotated in the glowing ring. This works by getting players in the rune, which causes damage to them on a second. And now it will be funny. If an odd number of players is in it, the ring turns clockwise. If there is a straight number of players in it, the ring moves counterclockwise. The whole thing is now the fact that you only have 40 seconds to turn all rings properly. Depending on the responsiveness, it is not always possible to simply put in a player that turns the ring until it is in the correct position. In case of emergency, you have two players to put in so that the ring is turned into the right position faster.
While you can simply divide players in normal mode, which makes the matter pretty easy, this does not work in heroic mode. There, the boss determines which players are able to turn which rings turn. So everyone has to be careful and know what to do. If not all the rings in the right position after the end of time, all players fall momentously and the fight is lost.
This makes it difficult, all of the wanderling balls, which cause you to slow down in touch and cause damage, as well as two emerging adds that need to be defeated while the boss itself does not damage it in the second phase. These great adds add up to the active tank and act a dangerous surface attack that can be interrupted and must.

Phase 3: Endstation Fate

After her phase 1 and 2 have played twice, Starting Phase 3. It is a mixture of the two phases. You have all the skills from phase 1 and must also always bring individual rings in the correct position. Compared to Phase 2, there are fewer rings at the same time, but you only have 30 seconds for time.

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