LOL Riot details the crawler of the Worlds 2021 and punishes the LCS for its bad results

The Competition of League of Legends gives a new step towards the Worlds 2021. The developer has revealed the Details of the next group phase. The first novelty is your date, since the distribution of equipment will take place next September 22 at 2:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular time. Luxury prelude to solve one of the great mysteries that will serve to heat engines until the competition boots just two weeks later with its play-in phase.

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So it will be the raffle of the group phase of the Worlds

In addition to the dates, Riot Games has given important details about what will be the distribution of the teams in the Liguilla phase. The raffle will be, as always, divided into drums. However, the regional distribution has changed with respect to previous editions. Stresses the Punishment of the developer to the teams of the LCS . The American League of Legends will be seen, for the first time in the history, relegated of the Bombo 1 in which they are the strongest sets due to their bad international results

The other great change will suffer China , which is seen affected by the rebound effect of the American League of Legends . Although the third classified in the region is accustomed to enjoying a square in Bombo 2, this time it will be relegated to being a position below generating possible spectacular clashes that give rise to crosses of the most interesting from the beginning of the first phase of the main event in the most important tournament in the Planetary League of Legends.

The raffle has several conditions. Solo A team of each hype and region can match the same Liguilla . This also applies to possible PLAY-IN, so that if Hanwha Life ESPORTS or LNG arrive at the main event, they will not be able to become framing with their regional rivals. Thus, from the developer seek the greatest possible diversity when it comes to giving rise to the first clashes. In case of functioning as in the last edition, this will also lead to a restriction for the eliminations that avoid the teams that start from the same group to see the faces in quarters or semifinals.

As for the play-in, the raffle will take place completely randomly and without framing teams in one or other hype. This could leave surprises in the event that the strongest teams end up in the same group, so that the final phase is left without one of the teams from a large region as happened to Mad Lions in the previous edition.