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Hardly any has a big impact on the German FIFA scene. Elias Nerlich, called ‘Eligella’, has become one of the largest content creator with esport background and full focus on football simulation in recent years.

He has now collected 600,000 subscribers on YouTube, almost so many are on Twitch, more than 130,000 followers on Twitter. With his loose and honest manner fascinated and maintains the FIFA fans in masses.

In the past season he completely moved into the content area, thus changing his role in ex-Club Hertha BSC. He left this at the end of August, the Berliner thanked him for the aisle time – not the only winged term he shaped in the scene.

His next station is now the organization Focus Clan, which is about the still reigning FIFA World Champion Mohammed ‘Mooba’ Harko’s contract.

The next years will be wild

Two industry heavyweights find each other. However, it goes far beyond an employment as Content Creator: ‘Eligella’ is also directly co-owners, managing directors and members.

My own esport team the 23-year-old calls the focus clan, a dream go for him true. In addition, he announces at a characteristic offensive kind: The next few years are wild, it will be one of the biggest projects of my life.

The contacts and connections that created nervally go far beyond the FIFA scene. In the official presentation video of the Focus Clan are numerous professional footballers to see:

Jordan Torunarigha of Hertha BSC, Niklas Dorsch from FC Augsburg or Neu-National Karim Adeyemi congratulate him – as well as the Brazilian Richarlison from FC Everton. ‘Eligella’ is known to bash the boundaries between real football and efootball at least personally.


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The future of the FIFA entertainment?

The Eligella Cup staged and named after him delivered great entertainment for thousands of trailers in times of the Coronabended Competition Court on the part of EA SPORTS. The prize money reached dimensions due to the high frequency that brought the FIFA developer into sweating.

The DFL did not integrate it into the transfer of the Grand Final of the Virtual Bundesliga Club Championship in the summer. Many observers support the thesis that the show future of the eSport can only be designed via approaches like the ‘Eligella’ successfully.

Which ideas are still in Petto and how he wants to continue to maintain the community with creative formats, he may in future show the focus clan. The signs for fruitful cooperation seem to be given.

Incidentally, the organization takes on the Esport World Champion – ‘Mooba’ has extended his contract on 10 September – also the unofficial entertainment world champion under his wing. In view of the new leadership positions, Eligella’s focuses on the focus clan in his ambitious portfolio.

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