Eggestein has to internalize Freiburg Football

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The occupation requires some dexterity, as well as lugs wellness dangers.

The game could have taken another twist, the sports club would have gone to the lead in his sweeping initial phase on Saturday. However, after Vincenco Grifo sat down the best option of the first few minutes by head (8.), Cologne took over the game control, the SC stopped just looking at first. That’s why Christian Streich was forced to change in the break.

We got a bit deeply in midfield, explains the coach and took his protégés at the same time in protection: It was hard because we always had to calculate with a long ball of the Cologne on othersson or modest. Patch awoke the appearance on the press conference after the game, it would have something to see him that he had to leave his newcomer in the cabin. We looked at and changed a few scenes in the halftime, with Janik Haberer it ran better. Maxi I had to take out unfortunately, that had purely tactical reasons. But that’s not bad, he’s just recently.

We will now make individual work with him now

After a short-term use against Dortmund and 45 minutes in the second half of the VFB Stuttgart, Eggestein slipped into the starting formation for the first time, because Nicolas Höfler had to fit due to a center footprint. On the six on the side of Yannik Keitel, the right footed played a solid game without pronouncing in a positive or negative way, but with a view on passports and runways of the teammates, it was still indispensable that he was only a few weeks ago by Bremen Breisgau is changed.

We will now make individual work with him to look closely with the things so that he internalizes our Freiburg football, explained prank, which would expect that this will not take long.

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It was not long for a long time until the Freiburgers found in the game after the change and becomes more and more good opportunities towards increasingly passive Cologne. Nevertheless, the success of the success left until the 89th minute, marriage Rafael Czichos steered a sharp crossing of the refreshingly carved Bundesligadtebüttütze Noah Whitehaupt into his own goal. So really earned, we would not have had the victory at the end, proudly summed up.

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