The Blastoise failure of Pokemon Unite is causing great problems

POKEMON UNITE has a Blastoise problem. Last week, the new Moba style Pokémon game added to Blastoise to your playable Pokémon list after more than a month and a half waiting. While fanatics were initially delighted to have this popular Pokémon and his arsenal of stunning and thrust movements on the list, some players quickly discovered that Blastoise’s UNITE MOVE has a potentially breaking failure. The error allows a player quickly reactivate UNITE MOVE from Blastoise several times in a short period of time, accumulating movement pulses and restoring some elements that depend on a MOVE UNITE. While Blastoise can not clear the field with a movement that does not cause damage, restore an element as a barrier of friends can make a big difference in a game.

A recent reddit publication highlighted the failure and showed what makes it so dangerous. During a full game, every time I used my UNITE MOVE, it was immediately canceled without causing damage, wrote the reddit video poster. This would normally sound bad, however, it would still receive all increases and Buddy Barrier, and the load would be reset to 90%. This would allow me to send spam to Buddy Barriers on team fights, as well as making virtually impossible for me to die. In the clip, this leads us to win a team fight in Zapdos.

Some local tournaments have already banned Blastoise as a result of the prohibition, and it seems very likely that this error is solved when POKEMON UNITE launches its next balance patch. According to the severity of the error, we may even see a review made at some time this week.

POKEMON UNITE has already announced its next wave of new Pokémon, with Mamoswine and Sylveon reaching the game in future updates. POKEMON UNITE will also launch a mobile version of the game at the end of this month, with CrossPlay and linked accounts available. In particular, any player who logs into the mobile version of POKEMON UNITE will receive a free Pikachu Unite license.

POKEMON UNITE is now available as a free game in Nintendo Switch.