Pok mon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl will not have Pok mon from the newer games

Pokémon bright diamond and bright pearl will not have pokémon of newer games. Last week, Nintendo France made a comment on Facebook that pokon brilliant diamond and glossy pearl would only include Pokémon up to 4th generation. That means that the new Pokémon games will be the second consecutive set of games that will not have the full National Pokedex and its more than 900 Pokémon species. The comment was deleted later and obviously it should be taken with a grain of salt, since it did not come directly from The Pokemon Company (which is a separate entity of Nintendo or its international affiliates) but it still seems a fairly obvious warning to keep expectations for The next game was attenuated.

The news that pokémon brilliant diamond and bright pearl will not have all the possibilities is not exactly a surprise, since the games were announced as Faithful Remakes of the original. Pokémon diamond and pearl_games. While The Pokémon Company has added more than 400 new species of Pokémon to the franchise since the launch of _pokémon diamond and perla 15 years ago, I would still eliminate the nostalgia to visit the Sinnoh region if you could do it with a ton of Pokémon more New at your disposal.

However, there is a precedent of a Pokémon remake with Pokémon that were available in the original games. Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire included hundreds of Pokémon who did not appear originally in their predecessors Gen 3, as well as Pokémon Heartgold and Soulsilver. Even the most recent pokemon: Come on, the games presented Pokémon Regional Variants of Alola who obviously did not appear in _pokemon red and blue.

Even so, The Pokémon Company has moved away from the model of launching Pokémon games that includes compatibility with all Pokémon species, and it is logical that Pokémon bright diamond and bright pearl would be limited in what Pokémon species can be captured in the game. The real question is how pokémon bright diamond and bright pearl will be synchronized with other Pokémon games such as Pokémon sword and shield or the next Teyendas: _arceus.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl - Official Trailer
Pokémon Bright diamond and bright pearl will be launched on November 19, 2021.