Pokemon Unite first official tournament is held on September 19 Entry reception start stand at the top of 256 teams

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JCG Co., Ltd. Team Battle for Nintendose Switches First Official Convention Pokemon Unite First Official Online Tournament September 19 12:30 It announced that it will be held at 20:00.

The entry period is September 3 (Fri) from 18:00 to September 13 (Mon) 23:59. Each team is done at 5 to 7 people, up to 256 teams (if the entry team exceeds 256 teams, election by lottery). The game method is the single-limit tournament method and the main rules are as follows.

· Match from the first round to the best 4: 1 game advance match
· Match from Best 4 to final match: 2 game advance match **

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· Standard Battle (Friend Match)
· Convention stage Lemota stadium **

If you are confident in your arms or those who want to get up with friends, how about being challenged? Please check the official HP for other details.

Pokemon Unite The 0th official online tournament is held! Entry reception start! Pokémon UNITE official site