Gift for Pok mon fans Switch players can be free

At regular intervals, Pokémon Sword & Shield players can dust new free items in the game. This time you can secure a dynacrystall via Gamestop, which allows you to oppose you a Dyna Duraludon and catch it.

Free Dynakristall: Gamestop starts new free action

Gamestop has launched a new free action for all Pokémon Sword & Shield players. Who throws a look at the action page and leaves his mail address there, gets free of charge for free, with which a great item can be unlocked in the game: The dynacrystall with the identifier ☆ SGR7121 . This allows you to start a confrontation with CODEdnamax-duraludon, to fight it and catch it.

FREE CODE Dubbing directly from Gamestop

Anyone who wants to secure the item should hurry. The action is only running until 27 September 2021 – After that you can not secure a free code for the dynacrystall.

Pokémon Sword & Shield: How do I solve the gift code in the game?

After you have received your code via mail from Gamestop, you would have to redeem this directly in the game to dust the dynacrystall. For this you are as follows:

  • Starts Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield on the Nintendo Switch.
  • Selects the Secret gift option in the game menu.
  • Subsequently selects the sub-item Received secret gift.
  • Now click on Receive by serial code / password. Then your game is saved and a connection to the Internet.

Pokemon Sword And Shield Exclusives And Differences Explained
* Now enter the code that you have received via mail.

FREE CODE Dubbing directly from Gamestop

In order to trigger the fight against CODEdynama-Duraludon, you only have to travel to the watchtower ruin in the natural zone and throw the dynacrystall into the Pokémon Nest. Shortly thereafter, the huge Pokémon appears, which is clearly modeled on a skyscraper. After your fight against the Pokémon you will get the chance to catch it.