Pokemon Unite New Pokemon Camex is super strong It is hard to get firepower and once before being adjusted

In Pokemon Unite, from September 1, 2021, Camex was added as a new Pokemon . In terms of defense type Pokemon, I thought that I was a little sober.

Trying to use it, I found that the camex is a pretty attention Pokemon. This article delivers a first impression.

# ◆ Attractive 1: High Status

There is only a defense type Camex is quite hard . Level 15 is HP9800, defense 599, defense 420 and defensive ability.

Also, using Somoku Spin is considered to be a significant increase in protection and security (defense 1039 without stickiness, and it will be a special provision 860), and it is also a point that interferes with disruption. The defense surface has no complaintal performance.

# ◆ Charm 2: The hidden ability of reinforced attack is great

Camex has a fairly long waiting time, but We have a hidden ability that the latency decreases by 1 second when we attack.

It will be relied upon the attack side because you can use this with a long time to use this.

# ◆ Attractive 3: Long to the ability to move the other party

Pokemon Unite will also be an important technique that pushes the enemy that is sitting in the goal, but the camex is very good at it.

In addition to knocking the opponent with Hydropump, Nami Nori is different from other Pokemon, and the range is very long , and it is possible to bring Rotom and the riser turtles far away. It seems to be usable even when you run away from the other party.

By the way, if you catch up the enemy on the wall with a muddy, the opponent seems to be unable to move until the skill is over. A considerable technique is required, but it will be very strong if it can be used in a real battle.

# ◆ Charm 4: Somoku Spin type is high attack power!

Using Sosoku Spin changes the normal attack and skills and changes to the one that attacks your surroundings. This is very powerful!

Also, if you use spin, the other technique’s latency will be zero. In addition, you can play another technique and normal attack while spinning.

In other words, ** Shiofuki This is a very fired power for the Shiotafuki> Shotoku Shopping & Normal Attacks. This can be hit near 5,000 at level 7 if the other party is captured as a core.

Moreover, as mentioned above, it will be hard to use defense and enemy goals because it will be firm during the spin. You can expect a good damage to the strike turtle and the Thunder.

◆ Summary

That’s why the camex is a defense type, and the hydro miso type is convenient to move, and it is a pokemon that is quite likely that the shaft spin type is extremely possible. However, no matter how strong it is a type of Pokemon that supports allies, please note that there.

I do not know that I do not see the flow from now on, but it is a definite thing to try to touch it once before the balance adjustment comes, but it is no doubt Pokemon **.