Pokemon Go How to make a nice litter

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Still looking for a consistent way to make a nice throw away Pokémon Go ? Do not look for. Here we collect the most effective ways to catch them like Ash Ketchum in Niantics AR title. The advantage of Pokeballs and Berries when catching your favorite Pokémon is known, but your thrift technique is also important. There are three different types of throw modifiers in Pokemon Go: Nice, Great and Excellent, each with its own bonus multiplier.

We will focus on beautiful throws, as the technique that you develop here helps you on your way to master your skills. A Nice litter not only offers a point multiplication, but also increases its likelihood to catch the target Pokémon. So look at these clues and go to the street to test their skills.

Wait for the ring

If you face a wild pokémon in Pokémon Go, you will notice the moving ring in the middle of the screen. This ring indicates the difficulty of catching either in green, amber or red. To achieve the best results, you should plan your throw so that your Pokéball lands in the green or amber rings when it will be smaller. If you have this under control, try to bring your NICE to throw a curveball, and watch your points and experience points to multiply.

go big or go home

Do you have difficulty catching these annoying little beetle types with a beautiful litter? Continue search for the Pokémon, which occupy more screen area to perfect this technique. Relaxo is a perfect example, and you will feel less pressure with a larger lens that moves slower. Once you have perfected your throw with these simple goals, you can apply your technique to tricky spawns.

berries and balls

As already mentioned, poké balls and berries are incredibly important to help you catch a pokémon and make a nice litter easier. If you opposite a rare or high-stage Pokémon, you should replace your normal old red-white ball, depending on the destination and your resources either against a big ball or an ultraball. If this is not enough, a well-tensioned Razz Berry increases the likelihood that you will be trapped successfully after your Nice litter. So make sure you are well prepared in the search for new teammates.

Patience and exercise

Like everything else, it is easiest to make a Nice litter when he is the second nature. So make sure that you continue to achieve the best throws until you are in your muscle memory. Once you are practiced enough, you do not even have to think about these tips, know your goal and throw your ball and the multiplier bonus is as good as you.

These are our tricks to catch your favorite Pokémon with ease in Pokemon Go. As soon as you master these techniques, you should try to get better and decide for great or excellent catches to achieve the best results. If you then won your perfect team, you can take it to the battle or show your results before friends, but do not blame us if you are jealous of your new elite coaching skills.

Pokémon Go is now available for Android and iOS.

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