Pok mon Unite bends the fans New monster is coming soon

After months of waiting, players and players from Pokémon Unite soon finally close their fanblebling in their arms. When the new fighters will be uphill and how much he should cost, you will learn here.

Pokémon Unite introduces new fighters

Finally, it is clear when one of the most desirable Pokémon should appear for Pokémon Unite. After fans have been waiting for several weeks on the debut of turtok , it should now enter the arena on 1 September for the first time.

OK, coaches.

Blastoise: September 1.

That’s all. # Pokemonunite pic.twitter.com/7dxzdcfjey

  • Pokémon Unite (@Pokemonunite) August 25, 2021

From 21 clock you can secure the starter Pokémon in the game. The previous new Pokémon were sold for 8,000 AEOS coins or 460 AEOS jewels. So it’s going to assume that you would have to grab as deep for Turtok in the pocket.

Original message from 17 August, 13:14 clock

Which new fighter comes to Pokémon Unite?

Pokémon Unite welcomes a new fighter – but not all players are looking forward to the newcomer. With the squiring pink Heiteira is to be tomorrow, the 18 . August, find the next pocket monster his way to the fighting field.

The Cute Pokémon of the Normal Type should be a real tank in the Poké-Moba: it should be able to plug in a lot and a brilliant support for every team. But it is also extremely slow and less well suited to attack. (Source: Dualshocks)

_The Twitter account to the game has shared this short imagination video to Heiteira: _

Blissy is on Egg-Cellent Supporter Pokémon with Moves That Heal or Increase Basic Attack Speed! Its Unite Move, Bliss Assistance, Allows It to Dash to An Ally’s Aid and Protect That Ally from Attacks.

Bring Your Allies Happiness With Blissy, Coming 8/18 to #Pokemonunite! pic.twitter.com/gi1motmoum

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What do the players have to suspend?

To have a good header in the team, but only sounds all too wrong once. But fans still have something to criticize at the new Pokémon: it is not Turtok. In a reddit thread, fans swap it that they had already settled with Turtok as a next fighter in the game.

The last development of Shiggy was already announced before the release by Pokémon Unite. Therefore, players had already given the day the day they can finally play as the giant turtle equipped with waterers. All appearance will probably, but probably nothing.

The other two starters of the first generation have already done it into the game. In addition to Glurak and Bisaflor, you can control other fan lies like Pikachu, Gengar or Relaxo in Pokémon Unite and collect points for your team. The download of the Nintendo Switch game is free, but Pokémon Unite is full of Ingame purchases. So be aware of this if you download it to you in the Nintendo eshop.

While many fans are looking forward to the new access at Pokémon Unite, others criticize that Heiteira was not that, which has expected many. Does your Pokémon Unite play, and if so, are you looking forward to Heiteira or would you also like to wish Turtok? Visit and like on Facebook and write us your opinion there in the comments!