Mighty opponents These 10 Pok mon provide frustration

To grab you all, you have to survive first. However, some Pokémon are easy too powerful. In this ranking we show you which pocket monsters can give you a violent fight in the first generation.

Which is the strongest Pokémon?

We have put this question for the first Pokémon generation and collapsed in a picture range ten of the most powerful monsters . Both above-average good attacks , as well as excellent status values ​​ play a big role. In addition, we also show you which types were particularly superior in the first generation.

These ten Pokémon have brought you pretty easy to sweat:

Some of the listed Pokémon are understandably very powerful due to their special position . For other candidates, it’s more surprising. In the end, however, this strong Pokémon of the first generation give a certain challenge and you can proof as Pokémon trainers. After all, it is important in the role-playing game of or the best!

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