Pok mon Unite A clip shows a troll so bad that players want a new feature

The Pokémon Unite community requires a system of reports after a player’s video becomes viral. Reddit describes the situation and reactions of the players towards you.

In all types of multiplayer games there are always Trolls, serious players have fun with the game. These people are very inconvenient, especially in important situations such as qualifying items.

In Pokémon Unite, Rodar has become a hobby for many expert players. Once a player has reached the rank of teacher, there is nothing else to do, except maybe scalar in the world ranking. Then, some create an SMURF or Troll account directly with the main account.

However, there are also players who want to ruin their stay in the streets. This is also the case of Reddit Malva8 user. He shared the suffering of him with the Reddit community in a video:

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It shows how the jungle chooses as Nebulak and wants to defeat the wild Pokémon by experience points (XP). However, his fellow relapse intrudes and steals the EP by giving them the final blow.

The community requires a sensible reports system

This only leads to the fact that the person loses ten fair points and is temporarily excluded from the chat in case of more reports. You can also block a player, but this does not mean you do not play with him again.

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This is how the community writes:

There must be a report related to the trolling. But since the reports in this game seem to be mostly automated, without moderation, I think they simply left out. Therefore, it is not necessary to contract real people to control prohibitions.

User AFSR11 through Reddit

BotMaster6000 then expresses concern:

The problem is that there is no way to implement a system of reports of this kind without people abuse them and denounce innocent people. Unless you check the applications manually, but I do not think it is possible.

However, TunasAllada is safe (through Reddit):

Dota 2 has it.

Thowing 1,000,000 Ender Pearls at the Same Time!

LOL has it.

CS: Go has it.

Most multiplayer games have reporting systems.

Now they do not work perfectly and, sometimes, make mistakes. (…) But I would prefer to have a system that recognizes obvious cases of trolls and bad behaviors than none.

The user Lazerbeambbq has another good idea (through Reddit):

Report system no. Avoid the system Yes. This system would guarantee that this person is the last to put the game in a game with you, unless he has no other choice. That could increase the waiting time for a game, but this is a sacrifice that most certainly would do immediately.

We can only expect Pokémon Unite to continue optimizing and will soon bring a function that prohibits active trolling.

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