Pok mon Go Raid Today with Lugia Best Condition and Shiny

Inpokémon Go runs today, on September 1, the RAIDSTunde with Lugia. We show you the best attackers for the raids and also the shiny form, after which you can look for.

What is that for an event? Every Wednesday evening in Pokémon Go runs a RAID hour. For 60 minutes, the arenas in the game mainly appear RAIDs with the event Pokémon. For the participants, this is a good opportunity to make specifically sweets, EP and other RAID rewards.

Today’s RAIDSTunde runs with Lugia of type Psycho and the second generation flight.

Lugia meet grunt with sky attack - Pokémon go

RAID hour with Lugia – start, counter and shiny

When is it going? The RAIDSTunde begins as always at 18:00 local time. About twenty minutes before the start of the event, the level 5 eggs appear on the arenas and announce the next raids. At 19:00, the event is over and the Raids return to the normal Raidbossen.

The best types against Lugia: Lugia itself belongs to the types of psycho and flight. Many different attacker types are therefore effective in combat. You should use the following types as attackers: ice, electric, rock, mind and inappropriate.

Best counterpart against Lugia:

How long will Lugia stay? Lugia is with the Attacker‘s air to visit Pokémon Go. You can find it from 1 September 2021 to 14 September 2021 in Raids of Stage 5. Then Lugia disappears first.

Are there Shiny Lugia? Yes, quite. If you are lucky, you can find a Shiny Lugia in Pokémon Go. You recognize it clearly on the red color.

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For you it can also be worthwhile to snap a few photos after the fight against Lugia. For new special research with Hoopa is the task of making 3 snapshots of Wild Psycho Pokémon. And as we found out, Raidbosse also counts for this task.

So you solve the task of making 3 snapshots of wild psycho-Pokémon.