Pok mon Unite A clip shows such a bad troll that players want a new feature

The Community Inpokémon Unite demands a report system after a player has gone viral. Meinmmo describes the situation and the reactions of the players.

In all types of multiplayer games, there is always trolls, the players, who are serious, take the fun of the game. Especially in important situations such as ranked matches, such people are very absent.

In Pokémon Unite it has become a hobby of many master players. After a player has reached the Master Rank, there is nothing left to do for him, but may climb upwards in the world ranking. Then some create a Smurf account or trolls directly with the Main account.

However, there are also something like players who want to trust their stay on the Lanes. So also with Reddit User Malva8. He shared his sorrow with the reddit community in a video:

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It shows how he chooses the Jungle as Nebulak and want to defeat the wild Pokémon for experience points (EP). However, his teammate is mixed in Relaxo and steals the EP by putting them the last blow.

The community calls for a reasonable report system

Under the video, the comments are gathering with players who have passed along and ask for a proper report system. Currently, it is possible to report a player after a match if you are AFK or be insulted in the lobby chat.

This merely leads to the one who loses ten fair points and is excluded from the chat for further messages. Furthermore, you can block a player, but this does not mean that you do not deny a game again with him.

This is how the community writes:

There should be a report that refers to the trolls. But since the reports in this game seem to run mostly automated, without moderation, I think they just skipped it. So there is no reason to hire proper people to control bans.

User AFSR11 via reddit

Then Botmaster6000 expresses the concern:

The problem is that there is no way to introduce such a report system without any people misuse it and report innocent people. Apart from you, the applications control manually, but I do not think that will be possible.

However, Tunasallad (via reddit) is safe:

Dota 2 has it.

LOL has it.

CS: GO has it.

Most multiplayer games have report systems.

Now they do not work perfectly and sometimes meet the wrong decisions. (…) But I prefer a system that recognizes obvious cases of trolls and bad behavior than no.

The user lazerbeambbq has another good idea (via reddit):

Report System No. Avoid system yes. This system would make sure that this person is the last who packs the game with you together into a match unless it has no choice. This could extend the waiting time to a match, but this is a victim, which certainly would bring most directly.

It remains only to hope that Pokémon Unite will continue to be optimized and soon brings a feature that prohibits active trolls.

Did you ever sell victims of trolls or have you already tired others? Would you like such a report system for Pokémon Unite? Write it into the comments.

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