Pok mon Diamond Spinning and Pok mon Sprinkle Pearl in video and new details

Thus, with sparkling diamond Pokémon and scintillating pearl pokemon, amateurs will like it should be appreciated the plot and the original play mechanics of Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl in a new light. Initially released in 2006, the original games were faithfully returned and brilliantly optimized for the Nintendo Switch console.

Sparkling details

To make short and concise, here are the last details delivered on these new versions, as provided by the divinatory stars:

  • Sparkling Diamond Pokémon and Scintillating Pokémon invite the trainers and trainers to rediscover the Sinnoh region, where they will meet Professor Sorbier, will face the Galaxie team and explore large underground.
  • The Super Pokémon Competition, very popular in the Sinnoh area, has been renamed Super Show Competition and gives players the opportunity to interact with trainers from around the world in the Union Room.

Evolution of Pokémon GO - From 2015 to 2019
* Finally, the functionality Deco capsule will also customize the gaming experience. Sparkling diamond Pokémon and scintillating pearl pokemon will be synchronized with Pokémon Home in 2022.

And, as you know, a Nintendo Switch Lite edition dialga & palkia will release November 5, 2021 to celebrate the launch of these games.