What Pok mon de Pok mon Unite are your favorites

What are your favorite Pokémon to play? Participate in our Pokémon Unite survey and choose three pocket monsters with the title: The three most popular Pokémon Pokémon readers.

The game is now available for just over a month and is played by many fans every day. Meanwhile, some of them have reached the rank of teacher and have completed hundreds of fights. Each time a patch or a new monster appears, this sometimes alters the goal completely. Not only is the goal is relevant to the game, but also the random parties and the rapid matches. Especially with them you like to try different Pokémon and see if your favorite Pokémon can disappear again in the Moba.

For others, no matter what goal it is applied or how strong your favorite is. The appearance, nostalgia and fights played together in the main games of the franchise play a fundamental role. You can have all this in mind when you vote in the survey.

This is how you can vote: At Pokémon we want to know which of the 22 Pokémon are your favorites. You can choose 3 of the Pokémon listed and vote for them. You can make your choice using the survey tool below.

** What is currently playing currently? Sometimes, a Pikachu, Talonflame or Zerara is lost in the game. If you follow the list of the most used Pokémon, the first 3 would be:

  • Lucario
  • Snorlax.

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ALL 20 Pokémon you can Play in Pokémon UNITE!

Would you agree with these first 3 or have a completely different point of view? Now vote diligently and crown your favorites. We look forward to the results!