How to get brilliant pok mon in Pok mon Masters

Bright Pokémon are a rarity in Pokémon games, and these variants have a separate color appearance of their traditional appearance. A brilliant variant is extremely rare. Traditionally, every meeting with a pokémon in nature has a chance that it is a brilliant version, accompanied by a variety of small sparks during its first appearance. In Pokémon Masters, you can acquire a brilliant Pokémon by escaping an egg.

The eggs you receive from Professor Bellis by performing the main stages of the story or the game training areas have a chance to contain a brilliant version of a Pokémon from the available reserve that hatch. At present, the only available Pokémon you can receive eggs and get it shining is Tauros. When you hatch a Pokémon from an egg, you can use it as a pair of synchronization, allowing you to show your brilliance with friends in cooperation battles. A Pokémon hatched from an egg will have a different and passive role of its traditional non-hatched variant. You want to hatch these Pokémon in a consistent way to receive a new role and a liability that will complete your style of play.

These are the available Pokémon that you can hatch from eggs in Pokemon Masters:

  • Tauros
  • Meowth (female)
  • Bellsprout (female)
  • Nidoran (female)
  • Zubat (man only)
  • Rattata (male only)


The sexual variants of the pokémon listed above will allow their sexual counterparts to join Pokémon Masters in the future, and you can hatch them upon their release. You can expect more brilliant versions of Pokémon to be published in the future, but hatch them so far is the only way to reach them.