5 things we love from Pokemon Unite and 5 things that we do not love

Pokemon Unite is a new derivative game released by Nintendo on your switch console and eventually on mobile devices. The game takes the shape of a moba, where players take control of a Pokémon and fight against opponents to get points and score goals. Players can take control of several Pokémon of all generations, which attracts both new and ancient fans.

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Pokémon Unite is a new version of the Pokémon world and does everything possible so that the game is accessible to younger fanatics and, at the same time, maintains a strong competitive spirit for the most expert players. The game still has a little way to go before you really find your legs, but it has some very nice aspects.

10 I did not love it: the limited control scheme

Pokemon Unite was a game developed taking into account both younger players and mobile players, since the game will soon arrive at mobile devices. As such, Timi Studio Group did not include the usual complicated controls found in the typical type of game Moba.