Pok mon TV New Free App for the Switch delivers Pok mon movies and

Nintendo goes with the Switch again very own ways and the extremely successful. The fans can not really understand some decisions. For example, why on the hybrid console no streaming apps like Netlix or Amazon Video are available. The switch offers perfectly to look a few serias or movies on the go.

Nintendo with our own solution: One reason for the absence of Netflix and Co. could be that Nintendo would like to have full control over your system. This also includes one of third-party owners from third-party manufacturers. Some TV productions for Pokémon now come to the switch, for example, in their own app.

This has Pokémon TV to offer

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Pokémon TV is available next to the switch for some time for Android, iOS and Apple TV. Basically, the service is intended to stream the series and films, but you can also download you, for example if you have to do without internet connection for a while. However, the app deletes your stored videos automatically after a week.

You can stream that: Pokémon TV is extremely extensive. In addition to the first two seasons of the television series, there are also some newer shows, as well as various films and specials. There are even tips and tricks to the games as well as an eSports area in which you can watch competitions for the games or card game. Overall, Pokémon TV is a round product and as I said completely free.

New Pokémon series in work

With Netflix, according to rumors, but also a specially produced Pokémon series is in work – and with real actors. Anyone who has seen Detective Pikachu with Ryan Reynolds should have gotten an approximate impression of the look that probably also the series may have. Details are currently available to the project, except that Lucifer producer Joe Henderson allegedly acts as an author and producer.

How do you like the idea to look at the pokémon series on the switch?