Pok mon Go What do the rings mean in the sky We explain it to you

The coach of Pokémon Go at the moment in the game is strange celestial phenomena. So, in addition to a night sky, we can also see strange rings in day. And what do you mean? We, by Meinmmo, looked at us and explain it to you.

What happened? For a few days the sky has darkened in Pokémon Go. He resembles a night sky, though it’s in the middle of the day. There are yet strange rings that open and close portal-like. For this reason, some coaches ask in social networks, like our Pokémon Go Facebook Group, to advice (via Facebook.com).

That has the portals in the sky to mean

Anyone who regularly plays Pokémon Go will know that there is not for the first time such a phenomenon in the sky of the game. Already on the 2nd day of the Go Fest 2021 was seen such a night sky, which was also decorated with golden rings.

Reason for this presentation in the game is the monster Hoopa. The mysterious Pokémon is capable of opening portals with its rings and to transport things from one place to another. Therefore, the GO ensured the numerous legendary RAIDs.

For the first time in the game, Niantic had changed the sky on this day and integrated the typical golden rings of Hoopa there. In addition, it was also included in the start screen in this context.

But why are Rings in the sky again? Currently the 3 . Part of Hyperbonus in Pokémon Go, which you have played for the go. For this purpose, 7 cool new Pokémon from the Galar region were introduced in the game. And of course, Hoopa is also responsible for the events.

This also showed Niantic in your trailer to the current event. Anyone who has considered this, which has certainly noticed that in the video of Pokémon Go also these rings in the sky were seen. Due to this close interweaving between the ongoing event and Hoopa, Niantic has recently adjusted the sky.

Can you catch Hoopa in Pokémon Go?

Although Niantic Hoopa has already recruited over different ways, such as the golden portals in the night sky, there has been no way to catch this mysterious Pokémon so far. Some coaches have already speculated since the Go Fest 2021 when it finally gives a release.

Officially, no time has been confirmed, but it suggests that it should not take a long time. So the DataMiners have already found pictures of Hoopa in the game code. Since Niantic wants to bring back the ex-raids, some coaches hope that they can meet Hoopa there.

Whether and when it will be so far remains at the moment but still to be seen. As soon as there are new information, you will learn it here, on Meinmmo.

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How do you find the optical changes in Pokémon Go? Do you disturve the night sky while day or you find the really cool? And what do you think when there will be a release of Hoopa? Write us your opinion here on Meinmmo in the comments.

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