The coach creates new capture funds for Pok mon Go Thousands of fans celebrate it for that

Pokémon Shuffle is a freemium challenge video game established by Genius Sonority as well as released by Nintendo as well as The Pokémon Firm for the Nintendo 3DS. The video game, which is a spin-off of the Pokémon collection as well as is comparable in gameplay to Pokémon Fight Trozei, was launched worldwide on the Nintendo eShop on February 18, 2015. Pokémon Shuffle Mobile, a variation for Android and also iphone tools, was launched in August 2015.

A Pokémon Go coach has designed several new capture funds and now Pokémon Go fanatics celebrate it. In capture screen we take a look at the images and show him why the community is so enthusiastic about them.

POKÉMON GO - What You Need to Know
What images are you talking about? Some graphics, such as capture mask funds or view of the map, have not changed for a long time in Pokémon Go. The Reddit Sahil-Garg-110 user obviously also thought that and created images that revolve around the topic of Pokémon Go.

He then publishes them on social networks at regular intervals. He now has shared 9 different backgrounds as drafts of the capture mask with the community, which caused a lot of enthusiasm among the other coaches.

These are the capture funds

The 9 images created by the Reddit Sahil-Garg-110 user have to do with the capture mask in the game. Then, in the foreground, he can see a small stone that is supposed to be trapped (through reddit.com). However, the background itself differ significantly from each other.

Instead of the green field, which coaches usually see in Pokémon Go, you can see a wide variety of reasons in your graphics. These range from sandy beaches to urban centers, mountainous landscapes, desert and forestry. Below you can see one of the funds in Urban Optics:

Urban-style capture mask (Reddit graphics and Novel funds)

But, why are you creating these funds? Sahil-Garg-110 answered this question himself in his publication in Reddit:

I tried to create different funds for the capture screen (only one concept) depending on the area where you are. This will help reduce monotonous forest / tree background and will increase the feeling of catching Pokémon in real life. With the update of the sky we can also have day, night and twilight funds for a specific area.

Sahil-Garg-110 through reddit.com

He also explains that the images were not the whole idea of ​​him, but he searched on Google or another template. But that does not take away the popularity of the graphics of him. As of August 27, 2021, these have already received more than 2,900 I like.

Will there be new funds in the game?

In the Reddit community, Sahil-Garg-110 is very popular among Pokémon Go fanatics. This can also be seen in their similar numbers. Many trainers think it is sad that there is still a single capture screen. Zekromfps writes that there were suggestions for new funds 3 years ago and who believes it is a pity that nothing happened during this time (through reddit.com).

The fact that the change of the capture screen is a desire for the community has been observed in Reddit for more than 3 years. As can be seen in the following Reddit publication, the DuskyXlops user presented his ideas about new capture funds at the beginning of 2019. He also received a lot of support from coaches (through Reddit.com).

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However, a large part of the community sees little chance of changing the capture mask. Desperate Write: Because Niantic Ar + wants to promote, that will never be implemented. (through reddit.com). Numerous trainers agree.

Danorris1221 sees it similarly. He thinks that the idea of ​​the capture wallpaper is great, but he does not believe that he will be introduced in the game either. He also sees the reason for this in AR mode, which Pokémon Go announces repeatedly. He would still like a review of the current antecedents (through reddit.com).

Currently it is not known if there will be new funds for the capture mask in the future or if Niantic will be completely based on AR mode. If Pokémon Go is positioned for this, you can find out here in capture screen.

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The coaches believe that Pokémon Go was secretly turning the bright speed. We take a look and show him what it is about.